Q&A: Glenn Herweijer, Rocket Science Media

Q&A: Glenn Herweijer, Rocket Science Media

SoundCloud is a really great way to share music privately whether it’s collaborating on writing a track, pitching tracks to a music supervisor or servicing promos digitally. We recently highlighted how PR companies are increasingly using SoundCloud to do the latter. So we got in touch with one such company to hear first-hand how it’s working out for them.

Rocket Science, a user friendly music PR company with a diverse and illustrious history of respected music PR clients – skream, instra:mental, hadouken! Goldie, DJ Marky, Reso, Jakes, Lynx, Shackleton, D Bridge. Creating direct relationships with key journalists and radio personnel (covering broadsheets down to fanzines and websites and national radio stations down to pirate and Internet stations), as well as an extensive club roster has made RSM an invaluable source of music for the taste making influential DJs, giving direct and unprecedented access to the best DJ’s in the world.

Glenn Herweijer, PR Officer at Rocket Science Media explains how SoundCloud has been integrated within their work….

How long have you been using SoundCloud?

We have been using SoundCloud for close to 5 months and it has completely changed the way we run our digital campaigns.

What type of SoundCloud account do you have?

We are currently using the Pro Account so we benefit from the extensive additional storage, privacy settings and the detailed stats.

What features have you been using specifically from SoundCloud for your line of work?

The privacy setting has been such a crucial feature. We wouldn’t have been able to run our campaigns without this. The Secret Link has also been particularly useful.

How has SoundCloud eased the process of reaching and interacting with journalists than other services you have used in the past?

The quick and easy option to stream and download has increased the speed and amount of feedback generated for a campaign. We have also had many labels, radio presenters and producer’s that were quick to praise the SoundCloud changeover as well as open many of them up to the platform.

Have you seen any other companies you work with begin to use SoundCloud?

As expected, yes we have seen many of our DJ’s/labels now coming back to us or me personally via SoundCloud. I am receiving of SoundCloud links to other label catalogue and producer demos. Plenty of industry have also contacted us about registering to SoundCloud and finding out more on how it all works. It has generally been a huge success for us on many levels.

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