Hello my name is SoundCloud, it’s nice to meet you!

Hello my name is SoundCloud, it’s nice to meet you!

The internet is mega-awesome, don’t you think? Every day it helps us bridge people and places; we get to interact with people we probably would have never been able to be in touch with. With SoundCloud, we want to make it easy for you working with and around audio, to expose your work, move your music and hopefully find the right people to work with. The internet is the perfect medium to do exactly that and we believe it works extremely well, obviously. However, there’s another powerful way to interact:

Meeting people in real life.

That’s why today, we’re announcing a first series of SoundCloud meetups in major European cities and we’d like to invite you to get involved moving forward by either coming to one of the upcoming meetups or organize your own in the city you’re based in.

SoundCloud meetups are a very casual event where existing users, staffers and possibly yet-to-be users get the chance to meet in real life to exchange ideas, learn about the different ways to use the service, ask questions, give answers, find projects to collaborate and anything else you might come up with during the “event” that is fun to do or talk about while having a couple of drinks in a cozy atmosphere.

We’ll be starting with four meetups in the coming weeks, check them out below and make sure to save the date and RSVP. We’re still wrapping up the details about some of the locations but the dates are pretty much confirmed:

Berlin: Saturday, April 17 – 12-3pm – Location: SoundCloud HQ

Since this is the first meetup, we’ll make it a special one: Come join us for brunch on our rooftop terrace and let’s hope the weather will be on our side. It’s great up there.

Amsterdam: Friday, April 23 – 9pm  – Location: tba

London: Wednesday May, 4 – 7pm – Location: Strongroom. RSVP

Barcelona: Thursday May, 13 – 9pm – Location: 7sins Bar. RSVP

The Barcelona meetup is organized by Mr. David “Awesomesauce” Domingo with the support of hisnetlabel support platform netaudio.es and the fine folks from the PLUG festival. Gracias, Compañeros!

We really hope you can make it to one of these meetups and if your city’s not on the list, why not organize a meetup in your city – we’ll send you a T-shirt, stickers and will help you promote it?

We just launched a first version of the SoundCloud Meetups page where you check the upcoming meetups, RSVP for one of the dates and get in touch with us to organize  a meetup in your city.

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