David Scup: The New Super-Slick Desktop Uploader

Our friend Dorian Roy just released a brand new version of Scup; a super-slick AIR app that lets you upload audio files to your SoundCloud account straight from your desktop. We think it’s a great way to get your sounds into the cloud and add all the relevant meta data without opening your browser. Here’s a rundown of the features:

Scup works on both Mac and Windows as long as you have Adobe AIR installed. Head over to scup.dasflash.com and hit “Install Now”.

The first time you launch Scup, you need to connect it with your SoundCloud account. Once the connection is done, you can start uploading files by simply dragging and dropping them onto the app.

The files are uploaded in the background and on the right you’ll see a progress bar for each track. While your files are uploading, you’re able to add a title, description and other individual metadata for your tracks. Just click the little arrow next to the title to unfold all the options.

Scup automatically creates a new set for the added tracks and in the top you’re able to fill in the set info. A very handy feature is the possibility to type in set information and then use the “Copy fields to all tracks” button to add the information to the individual tracks. You can also add artwork to by simply dragging and dropping an image to the artwork field.

In the bottom of the app you’ll find a setting for making the set and tracks public or private. If you make it private you can invite people by adding their email addresses. This means they will get a notification that you’ve shared a track they can listen to on SoundCloud.com.

We really think Scup will be a useful tool and look forward to see more great third-party apps built on the SoundCloud API. Thanks for the great work Dorian!

What do you think? Try out the app and let us know your thoughts in the blog comments or send your feedback directly to Dorian.

  • thank you very much. excellent work @dorianroy

  • mr.ofunk

    Thanks a bunch! Cheers Dorian!

  • …thank you, Dorian! for the app. …excellent work!!!

  • Dan

    Damn, I was hoping this would run on my W7 X64 machine, but no such luck.
    Keep up the good work.

  • Hi Dan, I tested Scup on 64-bit W7 and it worked fine (on a virtual machine though). What exactly is happening when you try to install it?

  • Dan

    Hi, It seems to install as intended and also shows up as installed apps. But when I start the app. it doenst show up, it only seems to be running in the background.

  • Mike

    Looks great, is there any way to upload tracks by themselves, or into existing sets? It looks like it only lets you upload them into NEW sets. Thanks!

  • Sweet but here it got recognised as a threat by (ugh) … Norton!

  • Daniel

    The same problem as Mike, it only uploads as set, what if I want to upload a track?

  • If you only drag one track onto Scup it will only upload a track