Friday Fun: Interview Time With ‘The Numbers Guy’ Ole

Friday Fun: Interview Time With ‘The Numbers Guy’ Ole

After a longish hiatus, we are bringing back our interview series with SoundCloud staffers! As the team continues to grow, we feel like this is a good way for you to get to know us.
This week, I would like to introduce to your our very own Web Analyst wizard: Ole.

What do you do at SoundCloud?

I look into everything data-wise at SoundCloud: what people are using/not using, the apps, the widgets, the connections from the client applications, the website itself, how users interact, how users use their accounts, why people are signing up for Pro accounts, and the most used features–to name a few.

Wow. Is Google Analytics your homepage?

Google Analytics is a big part of my work, and we track many things on our databases. Everything in the back-end is stored there, but I aggregate data from many different sources.

What did you do before coming to SoundCloud?

I worked for Ableton. Before that, I was a freelance consultant doing everything from setting-up small websites for business to offering services to various companies.

What’s your background in analytics?

I come from a very mathematical corner of science, so it came quite naturally for me.

Where are you from?

I’ve lived for almost 30 years in Osnabrück, in Lower Saxony (Niedersachsen). Then my wife got a job in Berlin, so we’ve moved here.

Spare time. How do you spend it?

Well, I have a two year-old daughter, which pretty much takes up all my spare time. But I do enjoy cycling and photography.

Anything else you’d like to say to the SoundCloud Community/the interweb?

It’s really exciting working at SoundCloud. It feels like a real startup. It’s fun to work with so many people, who are really good at what they do. It’s a great environment and I feel really happy to be a part of the company’s growth and success!

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