Need A Light-Weight Artist Or Band Website? Look No Further!

Need A Light-Weight Artist Or Band Website? Look No Further!

We’ve written about before, the service that lets you create a light-weight artist or band website in literally less than 5 minutes. Really, it’s super easy.

They recently added support of SoundCloud accounts so we thought it might be worth having a more detailed look at the service.

These days, artists and bands manage several presences on the web, be it SoundCloud, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace or YouTube accounts. Building a website to have this one place on the web where you aggregate the content from these different services in fact adds some additional tasks to your list.

Enter no need to be a website programming wizzard or WordPress expert. Flavors makes it really easy for you to set up and customize a page with a background picture and some design settings like font, size, column views and colors before connecting your different social media accounts with your page. Here’s an example from Dutch producer and SoundCloud user Inofaith. Hit ‘Sounds’ and you’re able to stream the latest SoundCloud Sets right on the page.

You can then connect the different accounts you have on the web by simply authorizing Flavors to access the data of your accounts via oAuth. The same settings panel also lets you easily access the different customization settings like layouts, backgrounds, colors and fonts. It literally took me 5 minutes to set up my own Flavors page.

They recently also added a first set of Premium features: you can now use your own custom domain (and actually buy one straight during the sign up process if you don’t have one) and get access to more detailed statistics about the traffic and visitors to your page.

Watch the demo below, read more about the latest news on their blog or check out the Directory for some inspiration.

Give it a go and let us and the Flavors team know what you think in the comments below.

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