Soundcloud Meetups 2.0!

Soundcloud Meetups 2.0!

Thanks to the lovely folks at, it’s now much easier to get in touch with other users in your area, and spread the word about your meetups.

SoundCloud Meetups are informal gatherings organised by users, for users. They are a great way to meet fellow SoundClouders in real life, exchange ideas, ask questions, give answers, or simply meet new artists and people working with and around audio in your area.

You can use this page to get in touch with other Soundclouders in your area, organise a time and place to meet, and spread the word,

In 5 easy steps this means:

1. Look for your nearest meetup

Go to our Meetup page, enter your location, and you will be displayed a list of the nearest meetups. Once you have found the city you are interested in, click on that city to go to it’s page.

2. Show your interest

Next, click the ‘Count me in’ button on the event’s page, this allows users to gauge the demand in certain areas. You will be asked to log in to Meetup, you can either create an account, or log in with your Facebook details.

Once you have clicked ‘Count me in’, you will be informed of any updates to the Meetup.

3. Get Talking!

Users who show interest in a Meetup can post comments on the event page, to co-ordinate where and when to meet, and decide on an organiser for the event.

Each time a comment is added, all of those who have shown interest are notified.

4. Appoint A Leader

Each meetup needs an organiser, you can nominate yourself by clicking on ‘Organize This Meetup’.  You will then be able to edit the event details, notifying all of those interested.

Once an Meetup has an organiser, get in touch with us and we’ll help promote it.

5. Confirm The Meetup

Once the organiser, venue, and time are agreed, the organiser can edit the Meetup’s deatils on the edit page. They can also include any other information, which will be displayed on the page.

Once you have a Meetup planned, try tagging your tweets with #scmeetup to help spread the world. Also, why not create a Soundcloud group for attendees to submit their tracks to?  You could link to it from the Meetup page.

After your Meetup, if you have any photos you want to share, upload them to Flickr with the tag ‘scmeetup’, and they might be added to this page.

So go forth and meetup!

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