Sample time!

Sample time!

People are uploading more and more reusable samples and we’re really excited about the potential this brings. Our hope is to see more interesting collaborations and creative use of the available content. Bring your talents as field recorder, sound designer, guitar shredder, vocalist, or beat creator and join the creative commons community by sharing Your sounds.

Here’s a few user- and group highlights for some inspiration on sample sharing plus a great guide on how to easily do sample uploads yourself!

Groove Criminals

Oli is a professional sample producer with over 6 years in the game, currently making samples for the future magazine’s monthly sample releases. This month though he releases a special one for the SoundCloud community and it’s free of charge. Sneak a peak below and find your favorite bit.

Calvin Cardioid

Calvin runs the CL516 BLOG containing free original sounds, photos, and videos of various synths and tools for creating music.

Check out some of the stuff Calvin’s been working on below:

Oliver Chesler

Oliver from Wire To the Ear has been posting a lot of great hardware samples plus some loops for you to download and play around with.

Tim Exile

Our favorite interactive musician. “I make active music… music that everyone’s invited to get involved with. My performances involve sampling the crowd and improvising tracks live with the sounds. If you’re coming to one of my shows, join the group for it and send me samples to use.” Nice! Stay tuned for more!

Get involved and upload your own! Here are a few groups to check out

CC Licensed Samples For sharing samples and fragments under the creative commons license.

Sampler Hardware Group Send them your hardware goodies and make sure to make them available for other to use.

Sample collections & instrument loops Group for samples and instrument loops.

Let’s share some samples!

Here’s a short tutorial on how to upload samples using the 3rd part app Scup.