Old-Skoolers Pt. 1: Record Labels

Old-Skoolers Pt. 1: Record Labels

It was only about 2 months ago when SoundCloud reached 1 million users. Remember? We’ve come a long way since we first started, but we certainly haven’t forgotten about the good old days with our early users – we wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for them. So we rounded up some old-school SoundClouders to see how they’re doing and thank them for sticking with us. This week we’ll be featuring record labels. Stay tuned for next week’s features on DJ. And now, without further ado, here they are:

User #38691: Lino of Audaz Records

“Two years ago, I found out about SoundCloud while looking for a friend’s page on MySpace. I fell in love with the concept of the site immediately. Not only does it fulfill all the digital fundamentals of a music site (from a DJ/ producer’s point of view), but it also makes sharing high-quality music files fast. I also like that instantaneous feedback is possible with timed comments. Plus, it’s an attractive and simple website where the functions are intuitive, easy to handle, and easy to understand. BIG UP FOR THAT!” -Lino Rodrigues

Check out one of their new “deep tech, moody” tracks:

User #40001: Marcel of Multi Vitamins Records, a London label specializing in Minimal house, techno, and downtempo

“We love the simplicity of the website and the way we can see comments on each track uploaded from users. It’s very helpful for networking and finding creative artists.” -Edouard Darracq aka Doudou Malicious

Listen to one of their releases here:

User #42960: Alicia of Kokeshi Records

“I love that SoundCloud is easy to use..and it’s easy for people to check out what I’m doing and share it with others. It’s also a great way for me to link up with new artists and to share my music with other DJs and labels.” -Alicia, also of Alley Cat and ESP Agency

Listen to Kokeshi’s latest podcast here:

User #44540: Marcel of MWM-Recordings, a Dutch label specializing in dubstep/dub/ambient/leftfield

“For years I’ve been using sites like Myspace and ArtistServer. Then came SoundCloud, the first music platform where it’s possible to upload full quality WAV files instead of crappy 128kb MP3s. Through SoundCloud, I’ve received demo-submissions and discovered a lot of talented producers, some of whom have already released records on MWM. It also makes it easy to send and receive masters and collaborate on remixes. I’ve also embedded my SC page on the label website, where visitors can listen, download, and comment as usual. Been using SC for some time now – I’ve had some “When it rains, it pours” experiences, but all in all, it’s been mostly very sunny weather!!! Big Up!!” – Marcel

Check out MWM’s lastest “Dutchstep” promo here:

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