Sample Time! Part 2

Sample Time! Part 2

  • Got any samples to share? upload them using Scup and let me know about it!

We’re working hard on making SoundCloud the best place for samples on the web. Since our Sample Time! blog post last month a lot of new exciting libraries have been uploaded. These are all available for download and free to use under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license.

  • OLPC Sound Sample Project
    For the Children of the World, and under the auspices of the One Laptop Per Child initiative, the OLPC Sound Sample Archive was collected, edited and curated by Dr. Richard Boulanger. All of the 6372 samples(!) from the OLPC collection were created and donated by friends, colleagues, and students of Dr.B.
  • Stretta – Modular Loops & Total Harmonic Distortion
    Stretta is sharing amazing libraries of modular synthesizer loops but he is also a great musician. This is a piece of his Total Harmonic Distortion pack uploaded a few days ago.
  • Haptic Audio
    is a collaboration between Jeremy Goldstein and Patrick Campbell designed to provide royalty-free audio samples, kits, and instruments in (multi-format) 24bit audio, under a Creative Commons license.
  • Karma Drums
    Makes acoustic loops. All tracks are human played with no editing, no quantization and no HAL 9000 playing. here’s an appetizer:
  • Mad Tho
    Mat Coes from New Bedford, Massachusetts provides you with quite a few awesome tools for spicing up your tracks. Here’s a set of vocal samples to play around with. Feel free to post your works to his DropBox for feedback!
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