David ExtensionFM Now Detects SoundCloud Tracks

Did a browser plugin/add-on ever make you switch your browser of choice? Well, for me one did and it’s ExtensionFM, build by Dan Kantor and Charles Smith, based out of NYC.

ExtensionFM is a Google Chrome extension that turns your browser become into a personal listening station, powered by your favorite music websites. How does it work? First, after installing the extension to your Chrome browser (direct install link), anytime you visit a website that hosts MP3 files, ExFM – which runs in the background – will detect the audio and index the piece of audio in your ExFM Library, creating your own personal music Library courtesy of your favorite websites you visit every day. I had the chance to use ExFM since its very early version and let me tell you that it has changed the way I discover and listen to music, not only because it works so well with Tumblr, where the people I follow have become my main source for new music. Not an audio creator myself, I’m currently listening to my SoundCloud Favorites via ExtensionFM. Whoop!

Watch this short video to see how it works:

Pretty cool, huh?

What’s even cooler is that with the latest update released last night, ExFM now also detects audio hosted on SoundCloud as well as our players embedded out there on the webbernet. Here’s what Dan and team are saying about the integration:

SoundCloud support is really exciting because it opens up a direct link from the artist’s studio into the listener’s music library. If we think back to when bands used to record music for ten’s of thousands of dollars in a studio, then produce millions of plastic discs, then ship those discs to thousands of stores, then have listeners spend 20 minutes trying to open the plastic surrounding those plastic discs, well anyway you get the point. Now artists can make music for the cost of a computer, upload it to SoundCloud and within seconds it’s inside their fans’ music libraries. Pretty incredible!

How does it look? Pretty cool, actually – see for yourself:

In the top right corner you’ll see that after clicking the ExFM extension icon, a player opens that has already detected the audio on the page I’m on. After clicking ‘Queue All’ I can now find the tracks in my ExFM Queue and play them in the background – closing the browser will not stop the playback.

Oh and want to see how this works for embedded players? Head over the The Recommender to check it out.

We like that, how about you? Try out ExtensionFM and let us and team ExFM know what you think in the comments.

  • doens't work on soundcloud for me. on other sites it works. strange.

  • Hmm weird, all good on my end. Did you try closing/re-opening the browser?

    You can file a report on their support page if you like:

  • Alainn

    It doesn't work on all of Soundcloud's pages: Search Tracks Results, Group Track Overview and some more. Mostly works on member/people pages.

  • Alainn

    Best new feature you get with combining Soundcloud and ExFm is that I can finally connect Soundcloud to my Last.fm-account. Suddenly there are a lot of new artists in my library. Thanks for this!

  • Thanks we'll check it out and pass on the feedback to Dan's team.

  • Soi

    This is really cool!
    I was really exited when i read this. But now after installing it, im a bit bummed. It doesnt seem to work on http://soundcloud.com/tracks/following.
    Atleast for me, thats THE URL it would be most useful for. :)

    Is there any chance it might work in the near future?

  • David- great post- thanks for that- we're hugh soundcloud fans and love having the integration completed. I wish I actually could help in the building of our product!
    Please send your issues either to me: charles@extension.fm or post them to support.extension.fm

  • Thoroughbredmotel

    doesn't work!

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  • We've got Search, Groups and Hot Tracks working internally. Will push it in the next few days. Thanks for pointing these out.

  • We are working on this. It involves authentication so we will need to do that first. Def in the plans.

  • Soi

    Thats great to hear.

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  • We just pushed 1.5.3 to the Chrome gallery. This adds support for search, tracks/latest, tracks/hot and groups. Let us know how it looks!

  • Dan

    I've just gone to install this, but I am pretty concerned as to what it means when it says: This extension needs access to: 'Your data on all websites' and 'your browsing history'. What exactly does this entail? I'd have appreciated some notes in the latest soundcloud email or on the extensionfm site, or wherever! to clarify security concerns.
    Sorry to be a bore, I'd love to sit here and say “what a cool app!” “well done!” ladida!
    Well actually I'm not sorry to be a bore. Web security should never be shunned, and so you need to make it clear that this extension will in no way compromise web security such as storing login details, form details, etc etc.
    Yes I'm sure many people will see “we need access to all your data” and click 'install' without a second thought, but some of us give a, hmm, what's the word…'hoot' about web security, to put it mildly!

  • Random14

    After reading all the comments it seems that this app should have been tested b4 launching it on web…and Im also concerned about web security…What do you guys have to say about it?