Meetup Roundup!

Meetup Roundup!

This time last week, preparations were well underway for our first Soundcloud meetup day!  All over the world, Soundclouders got together to talk about music, recording, performing with other users in their local areas.

At our Berlin HQ, we hosted a meet and greet on our often twitpic’ed roof terrace. Visitors were greeted by a welcome party and were showered with name tags and stickers.

As the night went on, our roof filled, and the conversation flowed.  Soundtracking the evening was the Berlin Meetup SoundCloud group, where attendees submitted their own music.

(For more photos from Berlin, click here)

But we weren’t the only ones throwing a party.  There were SoundCloud meetups in Atlanta, Manchester, London, Barcelona, New York, San Francisco and more!

Clockwise: Atlanta, Manchester, London. (For more Atlanta pics, click here)

If you were at a meetup last week and have any stories or photos you’d like to share, get in touch and we’ll add them to this page.

Users are already teaming up to organise bigger, better meetups in their area! If you’d like to attend a future event, or even get involved in the organisation of one, head on over to our page and get involved!

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