SoundCloud-Remix – An Open-Source App For Remix Competitions

SoundCloud-Remix – An Open-Source App For Remix Competitions

One of our favorite organic usages of SoundCloud has been the numerous remix contests thrown using the platform. As we posted before, it’s very easy to do – upload your stems, setup a dropbox or group and be compelling enough to engage the community to create their own versions.

But it’s not just remix contests. We’ve seen production contests, co-writing contests, Battle Of The Bands contests… many different reasons to get people making and submitting their creations (or re-creations). To add even more features to your remix contests, we have developed a new open-source app called SoundCloud-Remix. The app allows you to fully customize the whole experience and add all sorts of engaging social features like voting and sharing. Here’s a short screencast about how the app works:

And here’s some examples of the app in the wild:

We’ve gone out of our way to make the setup process as easy as possible. But you will need some basic knowledge of how to do this sort of thing. The code is available (and completely free to use) on the SoundCloud github along with some documentation on deploying the app yourself. If you’re feeling up to it, here’s a 10 minute screencast which walks you through setup, configuration, customization, and deployment.

Let us know what you think and please drop us a line if you use the app. And if you do happen to be a rockstar developer then feel free to add your own code or fork the project.

Stay tuned for more open-source apps in the works!

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