Follow your favorite samples!

Follow your favorite samples!

It’s cool to see so many sample companies on SoundCloud and how they interact, play and give things back to their users. Getting sample pack demos and nice artwork is all good, trying them out before you buy them and interact with the people building your audio tools is even cooler.

Here’s how a few companies are currently using SoundCloud:

  • Audio tool maker Twisted Tools have their sample packs in the cloud for free download using the CC Attribution licensing. This allows users to play around with them and keep up to date with news on their products. These are also featured on their site and facebook page. Upload your creations to their group DropBox and your tracks will be a part of their monthly competitions!
    All sample makers are super welcome to explore the platform and I’m sure we’ll see many more awesome ways of communicating with users. Feel free to check out our blog posts for more tips and tricks.

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