Part II of the SoundCloud Sessions with Ian Hooper

Part II of the SoundCloud Sessions with Ian Hooper

In case you missed the kick off of our SoundCloud Sessions, here’s a little description of what it’s all about:

These sessions are intimate performances recorded in the SoundCloud office located in Berlin. They’re dedicated to showcasing the many talented bands and musicians on SoundCloud! The first session was with the lovely Lail Arad.

Our second session is with SoundCloud’s very own Ian Hooper, a great musician from the US of A. Ian’s friends, Andrew Saunderson and Claudio Donzelli, joined him and played a great acoustic set. Due to the rain and wind outside, they performed on the office steps connecting the two floors for all to hear.

To check out the full session with live videos, visit the SoundCloud Sessions tumblr. For now, you can listen to the set below for all the session’s recorded songs.

SoundCloud sessions are recorded in both audio and video format, and will be added to the SoundCloud Sessions tumblr. To keep yourself updated, you can follow us on Twitter, Tumblr and/or subscribe to this WordPress blog! And keep in mind, if you’re a musician heading to Berlin or already in Berlin, drop us a track in the SoundCloud Sessions DropBox to get your music heard!

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