This Week in Tumblr: August 16th – 20th

This Week in Tumblr: August 16th – 20th

Here we go again, a fresh weekly recap of SoundCloud’s tumblr! In this edition, we have battle of the bands finalists, remix winners, free downloads and lots of new music!

On Monday:

  • Festinho announced the finalists for their battle of the bands contest. You can hear all of them below and add your vote by favoriting the one you think should win here.
  • Manic Street Preachers released a b-side called “I’m leaving you for solitude” as a free download! Check it out below!
  • Two Door Cinema announced the winner of their remix competition. Congratulations to Cassian! Hear his remix of “What You Know”!


  • SoundCloud was shortlisted for two BT Digital Music awards, i.e. for “Best Place to Hear Music” and “Best Innovation or Gadget”. You can help us out by heading over here to vote.
  • Dawn Kinnard gave away – and is still giving away – her song “Bicycle”, but only if you give her some love on Facebook or Twitter! Fair exchange, right? You can hear the acoustic track below.


  • Mogwai offered a free download (via The Quietus) of a track off their upcoming live album, Special Moves. Hear it below!

  • SoundCloud teams up with Point Blank to offer their students a premium account and in the near future, will be offering competitions together! Learn more here.
  • NME put together a SoundCloud set of the 50 best new bands of this year! Check ’em out below!


  • SoundCloud’s Find, Remix and Reuse is released! In case you missed it, we launched a set of new search features, which include Creative Commons licensing options. Learn all about it here! Also, check out this interview with Creative Commons themselves and SoundCloud’s Parker Higgins!

  • Flying Lotus is streaming a new song off his EP (due to be released in September) called “Camera Day”. Hear it below!
  • Pete Yorn gives away a new tune called “Precious Stone” and, here it is!


  • Fever Ray uploaded her cover of Peter Gabriel’s “Mercy Street” – streaming below!
  • Like Dawn Kinnard did above, We Are The Ocean offered their song “Playing My Heart” for some social media coverage! Give them some love here!
  • Everything Everything has a new album coming out soon. A track from that album is now available on their SoundCloud page as a free download! Check it out below!

That’s it for now! Last week was a busy one for the SoundCloud tumblr but that’s basically all of it in a nutshell. Now, we wait for the next!

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