How to embed SoundCloud on the new MySpace profiles

How to embed SoundCloud on the new MySpace profiles

SoundCloud is a platform to host your audio and then share it across your networks wherever they may be. If you’re a musician the ability to share your tracks across all the different places where your fans engage and interact with you is essential. SoundCloud is here to help make that happen.

Recently MySpace launched their redesigned profile layouts, letting you have further choice of the content you are publishing and the form in which others experience this. Additions to their pages include a left-hand navigation, a new focus on the MySpace “Stream” where users can see recent activity, and recent comments, while sharing content. Users can also follow their friends’ Twitter, Facebook and other social networking site profiles right from the site with a new follow option.

For SoundCloud users, another addition is that they’ve simplified the process allowing you to embed other media players to your profile. So why not use your SoundCloud player?

The advantages of embedding SoundCloud players to your profile are that you can:
– get all your stats back within your SoundCloud account from your newly embedded player
– let people share your audio content back across their own networks
– choose from a range of players, including our rather aesthetically pleasing artwork players.
– add your own buy links from any place where you want to sell your music and merch from
– keep your tracks on MySpace automatically updated by embedding your SoundCloud ‘profile’ player

The process is simple, here are the steps to make this happen.

  • Opt in to the new profile type
  • Click on ‘Profile’ and go to ‘Customise Profile’

  • Click on the ‘Modules’ tab on the pop-out Editor box

  • Disable the current music player by clickling ‘Remove’ on the music player icon

  • Click ‘Add’ on the HTML Box icon

  • Copy the embed code for your player from your selected SoundCloud set/track/profile/group, then paste the embed code and hit publish. NB. your profile player will automatically update with your latest tracks
Now you have an awesome SoundCloud player on your profile! You can check out Seams’ artwork player on his profile here.
Try this out for yourself and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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