Fun Friday: SoundClouders of the Week

Fun Friday: SoundClouders of the Week

We’re very excited about our new daily feature called SoundClouder of the Day! In case you missed it, we’ve been featuring a new user profile on our Twitter and Facebook accounts each day. What makes these users so special? Well, they’ve either been using SoundCloud in a unique, cool way and/or they’re a talented, undiscovered gem!

If you lost track of the SoundClouders of the Day, we’ll be compiling a list right here each week for you! So say hello to…

Leo Azevedo
Leo is an actor/voice-over artist based out of LA. He has a great sense of humor and is an excellent example of a unique, cool user on SoundCloud. Check out his SoundCloud page with all his voice-overs here and listen to one below!

Leaving Atlantis
Here’s an undiscovered, talented duo traveling between London, Copenhagen and Helsinki. Comprised of mainly Signe Gry Thorup and Vesa Haapanen, these two have been working on their first LP for the past two years and are on the verge of showing it to the world (ETA: end of this year)! Have a listen to their music to get an idea of what we’re talking about.

Rui Martins
Take a trip to a planet outside of this world and listen to Rui Martins (aka isle3music on SoundCloud). Based in Toronto, Canada, Rui Martins creates innovative electronic tracks! Hear his stuff here or stream below.

The Mouse Folk
Check out this young & fresh band from Berlin (hey, that’s where our office is)! You can hear and download some of their demo songs on the ‘Cloud!

Dena From The Block
Here’s some more music from Berlin! Dena From The Block is originally from Bulgaria but has been living in Berlin since 2004. She recently recorded her first single “Finding / Waiting”. Hear it below and head to her SoundCloud page for more!

Next week, we’ll have another 5 SoundClouders for you! Stay tuned!

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