SoundCloud This Week in Tumblr: The Black Ryder, Pendulum Remixing, No Age, Hoodie Allen, Jimmy Eat World, and some love from NME

Lots of streaming on SoundCloud this past week! Not only do we have that for your ears, but we also have a nice article and a remix competition for you to see/check out. Let’s not delay any further and get started!


  • Australian band, The Black Ryder, is streaming their album, Buy the Ticket, Take the Ride, on SoundCloud. Have a listen below!

  • Go on and remix Pendulum’s track “The Island”! Enter it in this competition for a chance to win a major label release, £500 cash, £150 worth of Juno Download vouchers, and a Pro account! Get all the details here!



  • Another album stream! New York based rapper, Hoodie Allen, released Pep Rally last week. You can hear the album in its entirety below or check out his page!


  • If you’re a Gowalla user and are planning on seeing Jimmy Eat World during their upcoming tour, check out this cool new app powered by SoundCloud and Gowalla. When you check in to a location, you get a free download. Learn more here! And just as a bonus to this blurb, listen to a live version of “Goodbye Sky Harbor” below!


  • NME magazine gave SoundCloud some sincere love on Friday. Here’s a quote from their post:

    This has come off sounding a little like a press release. It’s not meant to. They’re not paying me or anything. I just thought it was time to shine some light on a music service that has picked up an enormous number of users, without attracting much – yet – in the way of media hype.

    You can read the entire blog post here! :)

That’s it for now. Hope you enjoyed the recap!