David Social-Download App – Free Downloads for Social Interactions

Are you an artist who likes giving downloads away for free but would like something (besides money) in return from your fans? What if you could exchange a social interaction which helps market your music such as a tweet on Twitter or share on Facebook for the download? This idea of “social currency” is not new, but we’ve made it very easy to do with a new open-source app call SoundCloud-Social-Download.

The app automagically rolls together interactions from four of the biggest social networks (tweet on Twitter, share on Facebook, update on MySpace, & Digg… on Digg) and throws in Email capture for good measure to make the ultimate “social for download” campaign. Once a user completes one of the required interactions, they are served up a secure download straight from your SoundCloud account.

Here’s a short screencast about how the app works:

And here’s some examples of the app in the wild:

The code is available (and completely free to use, change, etc) on the SoundCloud github. From there you’ll also find step-by-step documentation, walking you through setup, configuration, customization, and deployment. Let us know what you think and please drop us a line if you use the app. If you’re having technical issues, please submit your problem here.

Stay tuned for more open-source apps coming soon…

Did someone say Check in for Download?

P.S. If you’re a developer who is comfortable deploying these open-source apps, we’ve got a ton of SoundCloud artists who could use the help and wouldn’t mind paying for it. Let me know @LeeMartin

  • http://www.superbrandsmusic.com Superbrands

    This app is fantastic, but the customisation process is just too much I’m afraid.:/

  • http://twitter.com/leemartin Lee Martin

    Trust that we’re working to make this process as easy as possible, even if we round up a few nerds to hold your hand through the deployment. I noticed you’re using Cashmusic for distribution on your site – good news, because we’re working on integrations with them also!

  • http://www.amplified-media.co.uk amplifiedsteve

    awesome – does this work the same way as CASHmusic?

  • http://twitter.com/leemartin Lee Martin

    Not quite the sam way as CASHmusic, because we’re using Rails here vs. PHP – but we’re working on an integration with CASH also. CASHmusic genius serving up SoundCloud downloads? Yes, please.

  • http://twitter.com/jessevondoom jesse von doom

    Awesome work Lee! I’m one of the CASH Music nerds and just wanted to reiterate Lee’s words. We’re working on integrating SoundCloud in our social apps as well as throughout our other offerings. Lee and I will be together at a conference in DC this weekend, so maybe we can carve up some time to brainstorm…

  • http://twitter.com/leemartin Lee Martin

    There Will Be Hacking.

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  • http://www.stefanoberthaler.com/ Stefan

    cool, i try it!! and i need it!!!

  • Guest

    Doesn’t that violate facebook’s Terms of service? To make users do a status update in order to gain access to certain content on your page? I would have thought so

  • http://twitter.com/leemartin Lee Martin

    We’ve reached out to Facebook for clarification. We’ll probably add a “No thanks, just give me my download” if that’s the case.

  • Joshua

    Can you make more than one track available for download?

  • http://www.seanlinman.co.uk Sean Linman

    this is brilliant, now how to make this work…? lol

  • Colya K

    wow! i finally got it. thanx

  • http://stretta.com stretta

    After several valiant days of struggling with this, I’m ready to surrender. So close. http://gentle-sunset-46.heroku.com/ I’d really like to distribute something in this manner. Is there a sympathetic soul who’d be willing to set this up for me?

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  • Mat

    Yes it does. Facebook directly forbid this in their t&cs

  • http://twitter.com/BluMarTen Blu Mar Ten

    I would happily pay for a non-geek friendly plug & play version of this

  • http://twitter.com/ithinkitsnice ithinkitsnice


  • http://twitter.com/AquinoxMusic Akerman Özgüç

    Cool, but how do I use this?

  • http://www.mooreaudio.com Audiomoore

    i believe this app could be a better help for artist

  • http://twitter.com/amplifiedsteve Direct to Fan (D2F)

    oh yeah, now that’s what im talking about … look forward to them updates @amplifiedsteve

  • http://twitter.com/amplifiedsteve Direct to Fan (D2F)

    thought i’d share this with you. im using CASHmusic to offer ‘social currency’ on this page http://www.thepennyblackremedy.com/fb/ would be even better if it integrated with Soundcloud ;) ;)

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