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Marie Fun Friday: SoundClouders of the Week

We’re very excited about our new daily feature called SoundClouder of the Day! In case you missed it, we’ve been featuring a new user profile on our Twitter and Facebook accounts each day. What makes these users so special? Well, they’ve either been using SoundCloud in a unique, cool way and/or they’re a talented, undiscovered gem!

If you lost track of the SoundClouders of the Day, we’ll be compiling a list right here each week for you! So say hello to…

Leo Azevedo
Leo is an actor/voice-over artist based out of LA. He has a great sense of humor and is an excellent example of a unique, cool user on SoundCloud. Check out his SoundCloud page with all his voice-overs here and listen to one below!

Leaving Atlantis
Here’s an undiscovered, talented duo traveling between London, Copenhagen and Helsinki. Comprised of mainly Signe Gry Thorup and Vesa Haapanen, these two have been working on their first LP for the past two years and are on the verge of showing it to the world (ETA: end of this year)! Have a listen to their music to get an idea of what we’re talking about.

Rui Martins
Take a trip to a planet outside of this world and listen to Rui Martins (aka isle3music on SoundCloud). Based in Toronto, Canada, Rui Martins creates innovative electronic tracks! Hear his stuff here or stream below.

The Mouse Folk
Check out this young & fresh band from Berlin (hey, that’s where our office is)! You can hear and download some of their demo songs on the ‘Cloud!

Dena From The Block
Here’s some more music from Berlin! Dena From The Block is originally from Bulgaria but has been living in Berlin since 2004. She recently recorded her first single “Finding / Waiting”. Hear it below and head to her SoundCloud page for more!

Next week, we’ll have another 5 SoundClouders for you! Stay tuned!

David New update: Spotlight, Profile Links & Search Your Own Tracks

Big news today you guys!

We just rolled out an update to the site introducing a set of new features that we implemented solely based on your feedback of the past months. We’re really excited about this update and hope you’ll enjoy it too. Let’s get right onto it, shall we:


One of the top requests we’ve received was to support a better way to control which of your tracks or sets should be displayed when people visit your SoundCloud profile. That’s why today, we’re introducing Spotlight, a new tab for your public profile. Spotlight comes with all Premium accounts and lets you select up to five tracks or sets to showcase your best work on your profile. You’re now able to select Spotlight as the default tab so that when people visit your profile, they’ll be able to listen to your finest tracks first. Here’s how it works:

First, go to your public profile and look for the settings icon on the upper right of your profile tabs. Click and it will reveal the selection of tabs you want others to see first when they visit your profile. Click “Add Spotlight tab”:

In the selection window that opens now, you’ll find a list of your tracks and sets. Click to select which track and/or set you want to see included in your Spotlight tab. You can select up to five items – tracks or sets:

Click “Save Spotlight tab” and you’re all set. You now have a new tab on your profile called “Spotlight”:

You on the Web

One of the advanced profile settings is You on the web where you are able to add links to your other presences on the web. Today we’re adding a way to link yourself to your accounts on other popular services on the web.

Access your advanced profile settings where you can add your username or profile urls of other services you use. If you have already connected your Facebook, MySpace or Twitter accounts in your Extensions, they’ll be automatically listed and you can simply click “Add to profile” to show it on your profile:

Search own Tracks

And last but not least, we’re adding the ability to search for your own tracks within your account. In your Tracks tab you’ll now see a little field on the top of the page that lets you search your own tracks.

In other under-the-hood news, our architecture and ops teams have been busy working on making the stats more robust. We are well aware of the rain clouds you’ve been seeing lately and in the next few days/weeks, we’ll gradually roll out improvements to the stats architecture that will improve the general performance of the site, starting with Premium users.

We hope you like what you see, as always: let us know in the comments.

David Creative Commons Mashup Contest!

To celebrate the great collection of Creative Commons tracks on SoundCloud, we’re holding a remix contestCC style! So in the spirit of “some rights reserved”, upload your best CC samples and loops and then get remixing them into brand new pieces. It’s simple:

1. The sample repository can be found here. Get samples from others and upload your own! Make sure you make them download-able, add the CC-Attribution license and tag them properly (this is key!).

    Drop your samples here!

2. Create your mashup using the pieces provided in the sample repository, and upload it to the contest page.

3. Vote for the one you like the most!

Prizes: The user getting the most votes will be provided with a SoundCloud Pro account account and highlighted in our official blog together with three runners who’ll win a yearly SoundCloud Lite account.

The contest ends on October 24 (midnight CET) and the winners will be announced the following week.

Happy mash-up-ing!