Fun Friday: SoundClouders of the Week (part II)

Fun Friday: SoundClouders of the Week (part II)

Ready for the next collection of daily SoundClouders? Hope so! ‘Cause we’re ready to show ‘em off!

We had a very diverse and creative mix of SoundClouders posted each day this week. Hear a little bit from each below!

Philip Sheppard
Radiomovies (also known as Philip Sheppard) is a composer for film & TV soundtracks, a music professor and a solo cellist for the Royal Academy of Music. Listen to some of his compositions below and if you like what you hear, head to his SoundCloud page for more!

On Tuesday, we had Saddet! He’s been a loyal and supportive member of SoundCloud’s community since 2008! Based in Brooklyn, Saddet has been creating music with machines since the young age of 13. Check out his track “Groceries” streaming below. And to hear more, have a listen to other tracks on his SoundCloud page.

Educational Rap
Wanna learn something? Check out Educational Rap! This company is creating effective educational rap music. Very creative and cool! Learn some English grammar below and check out their page here!

Galapaghost is Casey Chandler, a ukulele-loving singer-songwriter out of Woodstock, NY. He writes all his songs on his own and is very indie-folk based. Listen to “Summer Daze” and hear the rest of his stuff here!

Gisle Martens Meyer
Composer and artist, Gisle Martens Meyer aka Ugress, is the final SoundClouder of the Day this week! He’s been a loyal Pro Plus user since the start! Check out his stuff below and his page to hear more!

Pretty good, huh? To find all the SoundClouders of the Day so far, check out the group we started!

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