Fun Friday: Meet François Wurmus

Fun Friday: Meet François Wurmus

Woohoo! More interviews with SoundCloud peeps! We have François Wurmus (also known as Fronx) this week, who just joined the admin team here. Learn more about him below!

How did you end up here at SoundCloud? What were you doing before?

For the last three years, I’ve been doing Rails projects for large companies, including major website relaunches using a CMS. Being a (leisure time) musician myself, I found out about SoundCloud when I was looking for a nice and simple way to share some of my tracks with my brother, who currently lives in China. I really liked the simplicity of use so I thought to myself, it would be cool to join the SoundCloud team one day. A few weeks later, I noticed that they were hiring, so, luckily, “one day” turned out to be a little sooner than expected.

Do you have any favourite tracks on SoundCloud at the moment?

One track I like very much is “Solitaire” by Leaving Atlantis (one of our SoundClouders of the Day).

What kind of music are you into?

If I like a track or not, it doesn’t depend on the musical style that much. I listen to several forms of rock, electronic, jazz, and folk music. There are several things that tend to make me want to find out more about a band or an artist:

1) exceptionally well execution of known musical ideas
2) mutant or crossbred musical ideas
3) ironic use of musical styles

In any case, it has to be as far away from clichés as possible.

So you make music yourself? What do you play?

When I was 10 years old, I started playing the guitar without formal lessons. I especially liked the rhythmic part—playing funky, syncopated rhythms and odd meters—so consequently I moved to drums after 6 years. I convinced my brother to take over the guitar part, so we could play together—mostly covering classic rock songs. Currently, I am still looking for musicians to play with.

So far, what do you like the most about working for SoundCloud?

I enjoy the international atmosphere. I expect to learn a lot from non-German approaches to solving problems and creating things. You can feel people are really motivated and think and talk about their work all the time. Also, it is nice to build something I personally use. It doesn’t feel like work that much, actually.

Last question, give us a fun fact about yourself!

Please wait while my random fact generator selects an appropriate item… OK, here it is: “Fronx draws 87% of his analogies from biology. He also seeks out opportunities to describe anything as taking place in some multidimensional space.”

Alright then! Give Fronx a “hello” by commenting below or following him @Fronx and/or on SoundCloud!

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