David First Act: The New Dashboard

Sounds are social. It doesn’t matter if you’re capturing sounds out in the wild, spending sleepless nights writing this one particular song or composing music for a new Hamlet play, getting immediate feedback on your work is always special, validating and gratifying. We all love to see the play counter go from 0 to 10 to 1000 and sometimes even beyond. Receiving that first timed comment, a retweet or Facebook like after sharing your creation with the people that matter most to you is what drives us to make SoundCloud better every day. So today, we’ve got some exciting news to share with you.

In short: using SoundCloud just got a hell of a lot easier, in three acts. On to the first one…

First Act: The New Dashboard

Last month, we released a first step towards a new and more streamlined Dashboard with the aim to keep you better updated about what’s going on in your SoundCloud world.

Today, we’re happy to roll out the full new version of the new Dashboard and are finally re-introducing the Dashboard settings y’all have been missing so dearly (thanks for your patience)! Here’s what’s new:

On the top left of your Dashboard, you’ll find a new settings picker that lets you select the updates you’d like to see in your stream.

Tracks: you’re able to select your Dashboard to show exclusive tracks (tracks shared only with you, your DropBox or to a few other people), tracks from people you follow and tracks from people you don’t follow. They’ll appear in two separate new tabs: Incoming tracks and Exclusive tracks.

Activity on your tracks: you’ll get notified about new timed and regular comments on your tracks and also when others add one of your tracks to their favorites in another new Dashboard tab.

Activity from people you follow: you’re also able to opt into receiving updates about comments and favorites from the people you follow on SoundCloud to see what they’ve been up to.

Conversations: here’s where you’ll be able to select to stay updated about replies to your timed and regular comments (called mentions), new posts in the forums you’re involved in and follow-up comments that keep you updated with comments from others in places you were active.

And here’s another new addition: Introduction sharings

Every now and then, your Dashboard will show you a track from someone you’re not following. We call this an introduction sharing and will be the first track ever shared with you by this user and is a nice way to discover new and interesting people to follow that you’d perhaps have missed otherwise.

Read about today’s Second and Third Act and as always, let us know what you think in the comments (or if something’s not working right).

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  • #1 Act – Approved!

  • dakini9

    great updates! new dashboard is awesome!

  • Sumo

    Whoa, things just got got a hell of a lot ‘SMOOTHER’. Like!

  • Sumo

    Whoa, things just got got a hell of a lot ‘SMOOTHER’. Like!

  • Nice to hear!


  • Nice to hear!


  • David

    Excellent – this site is really progressing nicely.

    When do we get daily/weekly/monthly charts ?

    Ya’ll deserve a slap on the back :O)

  • Thanks, much appreciated!

    Charts are not on the roadmap, but you can check this:

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for these wonderful up0dates. SoundCloud is moving right along!

  • is a coole site…..

  • great

  • hola amigos

  • YosTek

    Great stuff guys…

  • Matt

    finally the dashboard is ready!

  • Dj_elmozincowdnoiser


  • Simbosan

    Conversations plugs a major gap in the whole SC cycle for me, great stuff.

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  • Deejayshain


  • FTAH

    Finally… THIS IS AMAZING!!!

  • pascal kleiman

    Soundcloud unlimited, full support!!!

  • Monkeyfighter

    excellent but i have one problem,i cant see new folowers neither in dashboard neither in orange circle on followers tab..have anybody same isue?

  • Kixote Project

    Keep on this path!!!

  • Ghi

    i love it soundcloud!

  • galekid

    cloud computing on its best

  • Jairoalp

    Thanks , Excelent!!!

  • I f*cking love the updates. Soundcloud just keeps getting better.

  • I f*cking love the updates. Soundcloud just keeps getting better.

  • MOE


  • Saves me checking where that ONE COMMENT came from :):):) brilliant stuff.

  • Musiq Man

    check out new music video from INV and Musiq Man. Peaaaace http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zUSPzu8f31I

  • Andrew Nater

    how do i post on facebook the transient and play button right there? and not a link to the site to play it

  • good advice

  • S O Source

    … thou art a group of wondrous beasts frollicing in the clouds of my imagination, let the music rain from the clouds in torrents and streams…

  • Tonesjizzlei

    Thank you soundcloud! (-; #FURREAL

  • Nakedlunch1

    Is this update just available to users with a premium account? I cant find the drop down menu as mentioned above.

  • Where has gone the orange dot for new tracks? This was like the best thing to keep up with the promos… and you just killed it!

  • crusher

    http://soundcloud.com/dashboard/settings -> 404 (10 Oct 2010, 01:49 GMT)

  • It’ll be back soon :)

  • good choice

  • Ashlowjrd

    its great

  • Ashlow

    its great

  • T Kingdon

    loving it.

  • Kobainkurtt98

    my penis ?

  • To be honest, recently I have realised that Soundcloud is one of my favourite websites. Ever.

  • To be honest, that’s amazing!

    Thanks! :)

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  • YoLaMaN

    to be honnest, I feel every time soundcloud makes an update, it removes a cool thing.
    so … I’m quite disapointed in the overall.
    why did they remove the orange dot which was signaling if you had already hear the track or not ?
    ok, we have now the incoming track board in the dashboard which is a cool feature … but we can’t access anymore the very old incoming tracks. BAAAAAAD !
    I like the activity on your track board. it’s very clear.

  • I like soundcloud, <3