David Second Act: The New Upload & Sharing Flow

Welcome to the second act – it’s all about getting your sounds up in the cloud and ready for sharing as quickly, transparently and easily as possible.


– Secret Link and Secret Widgets are now available on all account plans
– New upload/transcoding progress bar
– Redesigned description and metadata fields
– Sharing overlay

Second Act: The New Upload & Sharing Flow


To make the uploading and transcoding process more transparent, we’ve added a new progress bar that will keep you informed about the state of your upload including how much time our robots will approximately need to get your track ready for the Cloud.

While your file is uploading and transcoding, you’re able to upload artwork, edit the track description and metadata and can save your input at any time without interrupting the upload. You’ll see that we’ve reviewed the design a bit and that you can toggle open additional options to add a buy and video link to your track.

You’ll notice that we’ve also redesigned the track and set settings and added three buttons to make it easier for you to select the settings when sharing your track or set. You’re still able to make your track public or private and the three new icons will let you enable/disable downloads, widget sharing and streaming via third-party applications:

Downloads: enable or disable downloads of your original track

Widget sharing: allow anyone to click the share button and embed the widget for your track or set. Alternatively, you can choose the share button to be only visible to yourself.

Apps: you can choose to make your track available for streaming via third-party applications.

When you make your track private and click Add/Remove people that will open an overlay where you can select the people you’d like to give access to your track.

Clicking Save will take you to a second screen for something called the Sharing Note which we introduce in depth in this blog post.

Now here’s something else new: we’re making the Secret Link feature available for all account plans. It’s now possible to get a Secret Link with a free account! The cool thing: it also lets you create Secret Widgets to embed your track or set to your website without making it publicly available on SoundCloud. To learn how to use the Secret Widget, read this extensive blog post. You can find the Secret Link and embed code for your track when clicking the Share button above your track or set (considering it’s set to private):

What do you think? Let us know what you think in the comments and read about today’s First and Third Act in case you’ve missed them.

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  • Ton Coelho


  • congratulations!

  • sammy

    this update is wack. never had to wait this long for transcoding before. seems like a scam

  • Djandyod

    unbelievable, soundcloud have excelled once again!!

  • DJ_skyLine

    Very nice new!

  • Egyptstyles1

    congrats … the new interface is looking good .. and even more compatible with Opera .

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  • Anonymous

    it is great

  • I like the new interface for uploads (and for the Dashboard), but it seems the site is crashing fairly often ever since the update – are these two items related?

  • Mathematech

    The new interface isn’t working for me, it gets as far as 100% uploaded but the transcoding does not begin.

  • Marc


    bad bug!

  • Ali_rt

    It doesnt work…very frustrating as Ive tried to upload over 10 times…it uploads fully but will wont transcode…


  • Ali_rt

    It doesnt work…very frustrating as Ive tried to upload over 10 times…it uploads fully but will wont transcode…


  • Pjkelly94

    Ive had no problems at all. Nice update Souncloud :)

  • yeah i have had a few issues with the transcoding part left if for 9 hours with no response

  • Beyond 1

    i thenk its cool how u guys r updateing everything


    I can’t upload any tracks and couldn’t save any artwork on the previous ones. It shouldn’t take this long to fix this problem.

  • DJ Pekas

    loving the new dashboard!!!

  • Except there are problems with the upload process. Myself and plenty others on the support forum are stuck with the “Sorry, this track is too hot for us!” error.

  • bibi88bibi

    Yeah! I liked this.

  • Chrisfeeney

    Quality!!! > Chris

  • Diamond oscar

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  • Rawkus

    this is good, maybe for the future something of a private link to just one SC group would be cool. anyways all three improvements make SC much more useful thank you =)

  • ZINC

    New upload does not work, the old one did. Please restore finctionality!!!! Booo!!! :(((((((((((((((((((((((( bummed :(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

    can’t upload ….times out, says try in 30 secs…doesn’t work reliably.

  • Urk

    Preparing for transcoding… in 10 hours :(

  • Ah, bummer. You’ll need to delete and re-upload. Sorry!

  • Rkid Dan

    New uploader isn’t working for me and many others. Please fix it guys :(

  • new soundcloud upload.

  • Dante

    share link is a bit user unfriendly as it takes one more click now to get to it..

  • Dante

    i meant secret link…

  • Occurrencesinrain

    Am I being blind, or is there no longer a way to set the genre of a piece when uploading?

  • Robzbakk

    It’s not working for me :o(, i get past transcoding but every time i try and save i get an error saying unable to save am i sure it is a valid audio file or something along those line’s.

  • Sorry about that, we’re working on this. In the meantime, don’t click Save
    or change anything until the orange bar (transcoding) has started

  • danny2638

    transcoding wont start please help. if this isnt going to work please let us know so i can go elsewhere as need this uploaded. am glad i didnt pay for premium as would be demanding a refund.

  • We’re working on this. First, please delete the file, start re-uploading and
    don’t do anything until transcoding has started (the orange bar). Don’t
    click Save or add any metada until the progress starts. Sorry, we’re working
    on fixing this asap.

  • YoLaMaN

    to be honnest, I feel every time soundcloud makes an update, it removes a cool thing.
    so … I’m quite disapointed in the overall.
    why did they remove the orange dot which was signaling if you had already hear the track or not ?
    ok, we have now the incoming track board in the dashboard which is a cool feature … but we can’t access anymore the very old incoming tracks. BAAAAAAD !
    I like the activity on your track board. it’s very clear.

  • It’ll be back, don’t worry :)