David Third Act: The Sharing Note

Is it work-in-progress or a demo, a finished track or a funny field recording captured during your last visit in the football stadium? Sharing is personal and it’s more fun to put some personal context around something you’ve been working hard to create. That’s why, in the third and final act today, we’re introducing…

Third Act: The Sharing Note

The sharing note is integrated into the new upload and sharing flow and lets you enter a personal message when sharing your track. The sharing note will then be shown below your track to people who follow you on their Dashboards and additionally will overwrite any default custom message you’ve entered for the automatic pushes to Facebook and Twitter (you can set that up right here). This is how it works:

After having selected your settings and given access to your contacts, you’ll be taken to a second screen that looks like this:

You’re now able to enter a personal message that will be shown under your track on your followers’ Dashboards and also be included in email notifications:

If you have connected your social networking accounts, your sharing note will be the message pushed to your accounts – in my case to Twitter and Facebook. Note: the sharing note will overwrite the default message you have entered in your connections.

The sharing note work for both private or public tracks and sets.

When you go back to change the settings on your track or to add new contacts, you’ll be able to add a new sharing note:

We hope you like this new addition to the sharing flow and can’t wait to see the first couple of sharing notes popping up on our Dashboards.

Read about today’s First and Second Act and as always, let us know what you think in the comments (and if something’s not working right).

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  • Johnnytrotter

    Great idea. Can you recomend a app for twitter.

  • Johnnytrotter

    Great idea. Can you recomend a app for twitter.

  • RMPG

    Fuck yeah!

  • Aferkiw

    Hello When I Change the artwork of a track and When I share again on FaceBook, I’ve alway the hold art work …

  • Citomusic

    You guys are re-defining music transport ! Amazing job guys! Full support:)

  • Musix.

    This is an Important thing I’ll always use!

  • Musix.

    This is an Important thing I’ll always use!

  • Simbosan

    Not sure why the track description isn’t enough for this, but it’s a nice to have for sure

  • R V Rutherford

    Sounds amazing;I’l give it a go;although there’s a lot to practice.

  • This needs to be an option you can turn off. I don’t want to “share”, I’m posting it to my blog which is already set to post to Facebook. I think this is also screwing up my posting the audio to my blog. Since this was added all of the sudden my tracks that I embed are “not available at this time”. Why not!!!

    I also have to say “no, I don’t want to share” every time I finish uploading a track. This is really annoying.

    It would be cool if you could turn it off. Is there a way to turn it off?

  • My audio is playing in my posts again but it’s taking 15min to process now when before it was instant. That’s not a big deal to me because I post a week ahead but do you think this new save flow is causing that?



  • Yes, you can simply leave it blank

  • Rchesnick

    I love all the new features. Just one thing: It would be really cool if there were a way of sharing private tracks with a group so that anyone in a specific group could have access, but no one else could. Use case: I created a bunch of songs for the “One month album” project on SoundCloud. I wanted to share the songs with the few people who were also part of the project, but not with the world at large (because the songs were unfinished). I ended up having to create a new SC account with a fake band name. :(

  • @Rchesnick: Thanks for the kind words! You mean a private SoundCloud group?
    This is planned for one of the future updates.

    In the meantime, you can still make your track(s) private and share them to
    selected people on SoundCloud or via email. Also you can grab the secret
    link on the track page when you click Share and send the link via email or