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SoundCloud Part VI of the SoundCloud Sessions with Circa Survive

Circa Survive were passing by on their European tour recently so we invited them along to record our sixth SoundCloud session. As autumn is upon us a change of scenery was in order…

For this change we decided to also collaborate with a young English director, Greg Taylor, who uses SoundCloud as the basis for sending back and forth the audio within music-related film projects –

It’s a great platform for a band to send me a track we are working on and to use the timed comments to initially plan out with a band what we are looking to shoot’

– Looking for a video collaborator, drop him a track.

Another bonus comes as Circa Survive ask their fans for any questions they have via their website. You can hear all these tracks and see if they answered your question below. Head on over to the SoundCloud Sessions blog to watch the live videos of this performance.

SoundCloud Sessions are recorded in audio and video, and each session is added to the SoundCloud Sessions tumblr. If you want to keep yourself updated on our sessions, check us out on Twitter, Tumblr and/or subscribe to this WordPress blog!

Also, if you’re a musician coming to Berlin or already living in Berlin, send us a track via our DropBox below!

Send me your track

SoundCloud This Week in Tumblr: Carl Norén, Badly Drawn Boy, Analog Giant, Skint & AmpKit contests, Groove Armada and Robyn

If you have a cravin’ for some new music, check out the releases below! You can also learn more about the recent AmpKit and Skint contests (which both have very cool prizes) and the music blog, Analog Giant. Scroll down and check it all out!


  • EMI Sweden have recently signed new artist, Carl Norén. Hear the acoustic version of his track, “Going Out Tonight”, to give your ears a taste of what his music is like!


  • Here’s another new release for you! Badly Drawn Boy is streaming his most recent album on SoundCloud. You can hear it all below or head to his SoundCloud page!


  • Our Blog of the Week was Analog Giant! Read the awesome interview with them here. There’s also a nice little list of songs they recommend to check out as well!
  • In celebration of Skint’s 15th birthday, you can have a chance to win a year’s worth of a Pro account on SoundCloud, as well as a Skint 15 CD signed by Fatboy Slim, X-Press 2, Tim Deluxe, Midfield General and Kidda. All you have to do is name the first 15 tracks in the player located here (more details about the contest are also at that link)!


  • Another contest! AmpKit announced the Ultimate Tone Contest last week. Enter your AmpKit recording for a chance to win a Peavey Classic 30/112 amplifier and other cool things! For more details, go here!


  • If you ‘Like’ Groove Armada on Facebook, you’ll get a free download of their track “1980”!
  • Feel like dancing? Listen to the dance edit of Robyn’s track “Indestructible”!

  • There you have it – lots of music and contests last week. Hope you enjoyed it!

SoundCloud This week’s SoundClouders of the Day

It’s time for a wrap-up of this week’s SoundClouders of the Day! They’re all listed below and remember, you can check out every SoundClouder of the Day ever in this group here! Now, on to the gems of this week!

Simon Mottram
From Auckland, New Zealand, Simon (also known as Simbosan on SoundCloud) kicked off this week as our first SoundClouder Of The Day. He describes his stuff as “strange genre-confused stuff [that’s] generally mellow.” What we got out of it was a great mix of ukeleles, horns, epic soundscapes & compositions. Hear “The Rain Dance” below!

Julia Barry
Blues and jazz pianist, Julia Barry, is a talented indie musician out of NY. This singer-songwriter just recorded her second album and is ready to show off her music! Check out “Tell Me” and the rest of her stuff here.

Jami Welch (better known as Seams) is a sound engineering student and former community intern here at SoundCloud. He very recently released a new EP called Tourist, which was recorded in Berlin during his internship here. Hear “Hung Markets” below and the rest of his stuff on his SoundCloud page!

Mr. Hellopiedpiper
From Cologne, Germany, the very talented Mr. Hellopiedpiper was our SoundClouder of the Day yesterday! Hear his nice folk music below and befriend him on SoundCloud by listening and following!

If you feel like relaxing, check out Aliquo, Friday’s SoundClouder of the Day. Aliquo is a duo from England that has been beamed from a nebula far far away. Have a listen below to hear what we’re talking about!