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David AudioFinder now Uploads to SoundCloud

.. and as a SoundCloud user you get a $10 discount.

You sample creators most certainly know of the hassle organizing and finding your material. Maybe you’ve even stumbled upon a few different apps for managing your libraries? Since a few days one of the best managers, AudioFinder from Iced Audio, implemented support for a direct export to SoundCloud.

Managing, backing up and sharing your libraries has never been easier :)

Of course, doing so also gives you access to all the awesome features like widgets and the social tools you’ve come to love at SoundCloud. So, finally you can get some feedback on all those hours of recording, may that be birds singing in the woods or your old drum machine. Using SoundCloud you can post them to your blog, facebook or get involved with various recording groups.

Sit back, relax and cuddle up with your recorder as Ian Hooper give you a walk through the update.

As a celebration of this new feature add-on all SoundCloud users get a $10 discount link valid for the coming 30 days. Go get it at!

SoundCloud This Week in Tumblr: SCOTDs group, Four Tet, Drowned in SoundCloud, IKEACloud, Minus the Bear, and a Bizarre Ball playlist

Wondering what happened on SoundCloud’s Tumblr last week? Lots happened, of course, but you can check out all the hot items in one spot below!


  • Keep in mind that we are picking a SoundClouder of the Day on a regular basis. We’re doing this to promote hidden gems in the SoundCloud community. We’ve got all the previous SoundClouders of the Day stored in one group as well. You can hear a track from each here or below!


  • Four Tet extended The Xx’s song, “VCR”, and put a new twist on it! Hear it below or check it out at his SoundCloud page!


  • Hauschka is streaming his latest album on Hype Machine via our fancy SoundCloud player. Head over to HypeM to see how it looks.

  • Drowned in SoundCloud was our Blog of the Week last week. Check out how the blog started and learn the major “do”s and “don’t”s when submitting your music to get reviewed here!
  • Oh, look! Another IKEACloud lamp!


  • Minus The Bear launched a remix competition with a load of prizes. Learn what you can win and get the stems here. Also, check out the song you can remix below!


  • Bizarre Magazine compiled a little playlist of bands that will be playing the Bizarre Ball on October 22nd. Check it out!

That was last week, now onto this week! Happy Monday and have a great week!

SoundCloud A Rundown of this Week’s SoundClouders of the Day

Alright, it’s time for our weekly overview of all the SoundClouders of the Day who were chosen this week! Check them all out below!

Alex Pfeffer
At the beginning of the week, we had Alex Pfeffer! He’s a composer and sound designer for video games. Check out his epic stuff below and here’s the link to his SoundCloud page for more!

Little Weird Orchestra
Little Weird Orchestra is the result of one man, his old laptop along with some music software, midi keybords, and some emotion. Hear his set Positive Thoughts below and head on over to his SoundCloud page to hear Negative Thoughts!

Julia and Her Piano
Currently based in Vancouver, Canada, but born-and-raised in the prairies, Julia McDougall is ready to swoon you with her piano and voice. Check out her latest album, Who is this, streaming below and click through to her page for more!

Vlad Solovjov
Here’s 17-year old Vlad Solovjov from Vilnius/Lithuania. Vlad started composing in music school and has since then released two EPs. Hear the radio edit of his track “Kingdom of Dimensions” and see his SoundCloud page for more!

Robin Plays Chords
Last but not least, we have Robin Johan Jax! He creates all his music in a room and then uploads it for the world to hear. Check him out on SoundCloud and hear his first LP below!

Stay tuned for next week! And, don’t forget to check out the SoundClouder of the Day group to hear each chosen SoundClouder so far!