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SoundCloud This Week in Tumblr: Simian Mobile Disco, Lykke Li, love from the community, Cork meetup, Of Montreal, and more

Wrapping up last week in a nutshell, here’s This Week in Tumblr to remind you – and keep you informed – of what’s going on!



  • Lykke Li is offering up her single Get Some (which also features “Paris Blue”) in exchange for a mailing list sign-up! Go on and get some here!
  • Fearless Records released a compilation called ‘Tis the Season to be Fearless. You can check it out on their Root Music Facebook page!



  • Polyvinyl and Of Montreal have a remix competition going on! You can vote for your favorite remix of “Famine Affair” here!
  • More great stuff from user, Solo Godspeed!


Thanks for checking in and have a great Monday followed by a great week!

SoundCloud This week’s SoundClouders of the Day

It’s that time again! That’s right, you guessed it — time for the weekend and all of this week’s SoundClouders of the Day in one post! Have a listen to them before you go out tonight! There’s some great stuff in here.

Originally from Australia but now based in Berlin, Fiora is a fantastic vocalist who studied classical voice and violin. Have a listen to her diverse style below!


Rosie And Me
Brazilian trio Rosie And Me have been making their way through music blogs for a couple of months now. Check out “Bonfires” to hear what everyone’s blogging about!


Himuro Yoshiteru
Check out Japanese electronic musician, Himuro Yoshiteru! This guy’s making some great sounds out of Tokyo! Check him out.


Stu Kennedy
Glasgow-based Film & TV composer, Stu Kennedy was our SoundClouder Of The Day on Thursday. Hear his Demo Reel!


Bleeding Heart Narrative
And, we ended the week with the 7-piece band, Bleeding Heart Narrative! Hear their upcoming single “Perun” (which is due to be officially released on December 6th)!


Now, on to the weekend and the next week! If you’re cravin’ some more, check out the group!

SoundCloud Fun Friday: Meet Omid Aladini

This week’s Fun Friday interview is featuring one of our new developers, Omid Aladini! Learn more about Omid below!

What’s up?

Everything is going fine!

Where are you from?

I’m from Iran! I lived in Tehran until about two years ago then I moved to Frankfurt.

Why’d you choose Frankfurt?

I was studying machine learning related things in a computational neuroscience lab there.

How’d you end up at SoundCloud?

I knew that after graduation I would like to spend my time working with the Internet and music, so I looked for places where I could bring these two closer together, and that was SoundCloud!

And, what are you doing for SoundCloud exactly?

“Back-end developer” is the title so I work in the Architecture team.

What kind of music are you into and why?

It’s hard for me to talk in terms of music genres but I can name bands and musicians that I like. A few of them are: Pixies, David Bowie, Radiohead, Beirut, Portishead.

Here’s some other stuff:

Lail Arad – Everyone’s Moving to Berlin

Sandra Kolstad – Freudian slip

Moby – Pale Horses

What do you like about Berlin so far?

There is always something interesting to do here, like small concerts and performances.

And what do you like the most about SoundCloud so far?

The work is quite interesting and the people are amazing!

Also, it’s much easier to tell people what I do for a living now :-)

Can you give us a fun fact about yourself?

When I was born, I had two front teeth already!



That’s our new back-end developer, Omid Aladini! Say ‘hi’ to him on Twitter @omidaladini or on SoundCloud!