SoundCloud Local: Vancouver

SoundCloud Local: Vancouver

Picture taken by mikemcholm, found on Flickr

As an extension of our SoundClouder Of The Day feature, today we’re starting to zoom in on cities with an abundance of talented and unique SoundClouders in a new weekly community series called SoundCloud Local. With SoundCloud Local, our aim is to showcase SoundCloud users from a city around the planet and encourage them to embrace each other’s talent, and love for audio creativity!

Our first stop: Vancouver, BC, Canada!

Kevin Krebs is a field recorder and electro-acoustic musician. Under the moniker, 833-45, Kevin produces music for the imaginary ear. Kevin had some nice things to say about SoundCloud as well: “I’ve been very happy with Soundcloud! It’s had a major impact on my own and a lot of my friends’ music, centralizing it and making it more interactive.”

Bend Sinister
The band, Bend Sinister, officially formed in 2001 ready to take on storytelling via rock music. They joined the label Distort Inc. soon after the release of their first EP and have since then released two albums. This past summer, they released an EP called Spring Romance. Have a look at their official website (take note of the nice SoundCloud player)!

Aidan Knight
Recently, Aidan Knight stepped out into the spotlight from behind the curtain and boy, did he impress! If you don’t believe us, listen to some of his first LP (Versicolour) below! Knight also just won some money from The Peak FM, which is to go towards his music career. Like what you hear below? Check out more on his SoundCloud page!

Imagine a lovechild between the Weakerthans and the Gaslight Anthem, who was adopted by Joel Plaskett. What would that lovechild be like? Well, it’d be kind of like Treelines! Or at least, that’s how the band describes themselves. If that gets you interested, listen to “Summer Song” and click through to their page below!

Julia and her piano
Previous SCOTD, Julia McDougall is a Vancouver-based singer-songwriter. She recently gave us some love: “I really love the accessibility of SoundCloud. It’s great to find new artists and comment on specific areas of songs. Every time there’s a new comment on my track, it’s a happy surprise!” If you missed her before, here’s your second chance to hear her again!

If you’re a SoundClouder based in Vancouver and we missed you, don’t be sad! Unite together in the SoundCloud Local: Vancouver group and submit your tracks! Also, keep an eye on! :)

Next week, we’ll be dipping into the talented city of…well, check back next week to find out! ;)

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