Recap of this week’s SoundClouders of the Day

Recap of this week’s SoundClouders of the Day

Before you head out for the weekend, check out this week’s SoundClouders of the Day one more time! There’s a little bit of something for everyone down there!

We kicked off the week with Monosurround’s beat “We” (which you can hear below)! Monosurround is comprised of the restless minds of Ramtin Asadolahzadeh and Erik Schaeffer, based in Berlin. Click the SoundCloud link below to check out more of their dance floor beats!

Coney Island Sound
If you have a cravin’ for some music that was created with field recordings and vintage instruments, check out the new project of Ewan Gordon — Coney Island Sound. Listen to his latest stuff below!

Labyrinth Ear
Labyrinth Ear is a dark electro pop duo from the UK. They formed very recently; to be specific, they got together this last summer and have since then developed their sound very nicely. You can hear “White Gold” below from their latest EP, Oak.

Dubbed as the SoundCloud Godfather, SchizoBrainiac (aka Solo Godspeed) is ready to stimulate your mind with some multi-genre, mind-bending music! Hear Economical Stimulants below to hear what we’re talking about!

We ended the week with Stickboy, a singer-songwriter and TV/film producer. Have a listen to his album, Under the Sleepy Moon and “legally stalk him” on the ‘Cloud and/or Twitter:

Woohoo! Now, go out and enjoy your weekend!

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