The Secret Link & Widget

The Secret Link & Widget

With the latest update we released a few weeks ago, we made the two popular features Secret Link & Widget available on all accounts. A lot of users reached out to us asking if we could make these unique features available to all account levels since they let you share your creations more easily with your contacts, clients or colleagues who are not registered with SoundCloud. So today, let’s have a closer look at what these feature are and how they work:

The Secret Link:

Getting a a Secret Link is actually pretty simple. All you have to do is to make your track or set private and it will automatically generate a Secret Link that you can find on your track or set page. Simply go to your track or set and click the Share button above the waveform. From there, you can also directly shorten the url to one of our nice urls.

Secret Links are perfect to easily share your private tracks via email or instant messenger with people who don’t have a SoundCloud account. We’ve also seen some artists and record labels use the Secret Link to premiere a new track through Twitter only.

If at some point you want to disable the Secret Link, simply go back to your track, click Share again and click the two arrows pointing to one another. This will break your previous url and people who originally had access to it will not be able to access it from the moment you hit the arrows.

Note: always remember that everyone in possession of this Secret Link will be able to access your track or set, whether you gave it to them or someone else did..

The Secret Widget:

Powered by this Secret Link, you’re also able to embed a player widget for your track or set. To get the Secret Widget, simply click Share above the waveform, copy the embed code and paste it to any page on the web that lets you customize the html. If you’re a Premium user, you’re able to get the embed codes for the mini and artwork players by clicking Customize player.

The Secret Widget is particularly handy when, for example, you’re planning to preview a new song or album only on your website or want to offer journalists an exclusive to embed in their news outlet. This will let you build a campaign around the page where your player is embedded and later on measure its success based on the stats in your account.

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