SoundCloud Loves Boxee

SoundCloud Loves Boxee

Congratulations to the Boxee team for launching their fancy new Boxee Box this week and making the battle for internet powered TV a whole lot more interesting. One thing I really like about Boxee is their app platform, and today I’m happy to announce the release of my unofficial SoundCloud Boxee hack/app!

Developing apps for Boxee is a lot fun because users expect a TV experience to be very straight forward which yields compellingly simple and fun applications (Fischer Price-like, I say) with very focused feature sets. The first version of my SoundCloud Boxee hack includes the following features:

  • Exploring the hottest new SoundCloud tracks
  • Searching the entire publicly accessibly SoundCloud track library
  • Browsing Your tracks and favorites

Of course each of these features include the ability to listen to the track and perform typical Boxee actions such as Queuing, Loving, and Sharing. Pretty cool! Here’s a video explaining how to add the app to your Boxee:

I plan on adding more functionality to the app soon (such as the ability to listen to your followings’ tracks) so stay tuned for updates. And more importantly, be on the look out for an official Boxee (and other TV platforms) app coming from SoundCloud in the future.  If you have any questions or comments, I’m or @leemartin on Twitter.

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