PromoJam + SoundCloud = Awesome

PromoJam + SoundCloud = Awesome

CultureJam, based in sunny Los Angeles, has been helping artists and brands launch exciting social campaigns with ease since 2009. They recently launched a new social marketing platform called PromoJam that let’s you run viral Twitter campaigns in a few easy steps. One of the promotions they provide is Tweet to Listen and it’s now powered exclusively by SoundCloud. Yeehhhh!

  1. Go here to sign-up for PromoJam and create your first audio promo. You can use the code PROMOCLOUD at checkout to get 20% off.
  2. After account creation, you’ll be sent to the EDIT PROMO page, simply click the SAVE button at the bottom of the page to lock your promo in.
  3. Click the Exclusive tab and then click the Connect with SoundCloud button. This will send you to SoundCloud where you will allow PromoJam access to your tracks. Clicking Allow will send you back to PromoJam where you’ll be able to select a track or playlist from the appropriate drop-down. Once you’ve done that, click SAVE.
  4. Next, you’ll want to click the Social Networks tab. From here, PromoJam will instruct you on how to setup the Twitter application credentials you’ll need. Once that is created and added to your promo, click SAVE.
  5. Click the Design tab to adjust the aesthetics of your campaign. PromoJam provides some basic adjustments with their Basic account but you can always upgrade if you’re looking for more customization. Click Preview in the top right at any point to see your progress.
  6. Finally, click the gear drop-down in the top right corner and the Launch link to launch your promotion.

We’re so pumped to have this integration in place, and CultureJam has promised tons of enhancements to their SoundCloud promotions in the future. Let us know if you launch any promos using PromoJam!

If you have any questions or comments, I’m or @leemartin on Twitter. Enjoy!

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