Fun Friday: Meet Miqua Johnson

Fun Friday: Meet Miqua Johnson

We’re welcoming a couple of new members to the team this month! This week, we’re featuring a Fun Friday interview with our new team assistant, Miqua (also known as Dominique) Johnson! Don’t be shy and say hello!

How’s it going?

Better than ever before!

Where are you from?

My mom is from Germany and is a mix of French and German, and my father is from the US, a mix of Native American and Afro American. So I’m feeling quite comfortable in this international environment at SoundCloud. I was born and raised in the South of Germany, more precisely in Frankonia, but since I’m American, there was a little back and forth moving between Germany and the United States.

What were you doing before SoundCloud? How’d you end up here?

Technically, I’m a TV-Producer with a graduate in Media Economics. I worked for a magazine, as a DJ-Booker and in different advertisement agencies. Between all those jobs, it became more and more clear that I’m happiest when I can be an organizer, and since I was a big fan of SoundCloud since its launch, I was burning to work here!

What kind of music are you into and why?

It depends on what I’m doing. When I’m at home, I listen to jazz, funk & soul (specifically Curtis Mayfield). When I’m on the run, I listen to industrial (NiN for example) or hardcore (Snapcase). When I’m feeling creative, I’m listening to classical (Robert Schumann) and when I’m going out, I listen to techno & house (Marco Carola, Crosstown Rebels and many more).

On SoundCloud, I often listen to my friends’ music, like Bara Bröst:

Or others, like Audiofly:

What do you like the most about SoundCloud so far?

It is the loveliest place to work in the world! And that’s no exaggeration. I appreciate the little things, like the politeness in social interaction, even when there’s time pressure. It seems like everybody enjoys sharing his or her knowledge with one another. I’ve seen quite a few other companies and I can certainly say that more kindness at SoundCloud is almost impossible!

Can you give us a fun fact about yourself?

I’m a Synesthete.

Wow, that’s kind of crazy, and cool!

Yes, I love to see what happens when I hear stuff (music and voices) and see what images my head creates.

That’s Miqua! Our synesthete, organized team assistant! Feel free to follow her on Twitter or SoundCloud!

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