David The SoundCloud iPhone App

With the new update of the iPhone app, we’re coming one step closer to the full SoundCloud experience on your mobile. Most importantly, the app is now available for free for all users. If you can’t wait to get it, jump right into the iTunes App Store.

New update: iPhone App by Weatherman

As mentioned in today’s update, the iPhone app now also supports the Record feature and will allow you to capture and share any type of sound while you’re on the move. So no matter if it’s the first chords of an acoustic demo version of a new song, a voice memo, interview or a new joke for your next stand-up session, the SoundCloud  iPhone app will let you record and share your sounds in just a moment.

Here’s a run-down of the new features:

  • Record: capture your sounds on-the-go and share them directly to Facebook, Twitter and MySpace (only iPhone 3Gs and 4 since the app relies on the AAC hardware encoder)
  • Browse and search user profiles
  • Share any public track to Facebook & Twitter

Watch the new iPhone app in action:

Other features included:

  • Browse and listen to the tracks sent to you and your DropBox
  • Favorite other people’s tracks
  • Post and read other people’s comments
  • Enjoy the stunning artwork while playing tracks
  • Seek inside the waveform and leave comments in the horizontal player
  • Send tracks via email from your local address book
  • Listen to your favorites on the go
  • Search tracks
  • Background playback (on iOS4)
  • Switch between multiple accounts (Revoke access in the general iPhone settings)

For some screenshots of the latest version, click-through this slide show:


  • Background playback is only possible with iOS4
  • Please note that you will need a SoundCloud account to use the app. Sign up for free on http://soundcloud.com

Looking for more mobile, desktop and web apps? Have a look at our App Gallery and let us know what you think about the app in the comments. Happy recording!

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  • Spatek01

    Is this different from the existing soundcloud app?

  • It’s the same app but with a new update :)

  • Martin

    awesome! field recordings!

  • Yeah!

    And there’s a group too:

  • marinelli

    even airplay is included. thumbs up!

  • Vlad Solovjov

    Woah! The best

  • Andronica


  • We need some Android love !!

  • Android please – get a move on ;)

  • vanCleef

    Does the iphone 4 have line in? if it does this addition could be phenomenal

  • Mark Rock

    Interesting take on the Audioboo model…

  • Richard

    Why no Android still?

  • Tek Kontrol

    YYeh, Android app please!

  • iPhone User

    Does the record feature only work on the iPhone 4?

  • And 3Gs

  • Dracid01

    DOes this App comes out for Android, too ??? The most selling Phones in UK, USA,Europe are Android Phones..and not iPhone.. think about it..

  • Tritisan

    What are the technical specs on the recording quality? Is it worth getting a good mic and preamp?

  • Here you go: http://soundcloud.com/help/other#faq-1

    And BlueMic’s Mikey plays well with it:

  • android, hello?

  • Jason

    I have iPhone 3gs and I am getting “Sorry, your iPhone can’t record” when I hit the Rec button. ideas?

  • ape

    what could be the reasons then why my 3G iphone says “sorry, your iphone can’t record” ?!

  • Alex, afraid recording is only possible with the 3Gs and 4 since we rely on
    the AAC encoder for recordings and this one is only supported on the later
    models. We’re currently looking at ways to offer Record on other iPhone

  • Does SoundCloud have plans to release an official Android app?

  • David

    Can’t wait for android!