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The web today makes it really easy for us to share our experiences with the people we care about. Status messages on Twitter and Facebook, videos on YouTube or photos on Flickr, capturing a moment and sharing it with our friends, fans or family gives that moment a special meaning.

Imagine you’re in the subway and all of a sudden a group of strangers starts singing –  what’s known as a flashmob is happening right in front of your eyes (and ears). Or imagine you’re on tour with your band and have a super-funny story or acoustic demo of a brand-new song to share with your followers and fans. How awesome would it be if you could capture this moment on the move and instantly share your recording with your people? We think that would be pretty awesome…

Today, we’re excited about the release of the recording feature. The Record button will make it easy for you to capture all kinds of sounds right on SoundCloud & with the iPhone app and share them from anywhere to everywhere on the web: your website, social network profiles or simply between friends & family.

The updated iPhone app:

Did you just come up with a brilliant melody or a brand new poem and want to share it with your friends? Capturing this moment is now possible in our updated iPhone app that includes the Record feature.

Hit the REC button to get started and when you’re done, you can take a new photo or select one from your iPhone library. You can also choose your recording to be private or public and the app will recognize which of your social networking accounts are already connected with your SoundCloud account so you can seamlessly share your recording with your friends and followers on SoundCloud.

We’ve also added a few other updates to the iPhone app. It’s free and you can jump right into the iTunes App Store to get it. Read more details about the iPhone app in this blog post.

Record on SoundCloud:

You’ll find the same big REC button on the ‘Upload & Share‘ from where you’re able to quickly record any sound bites like an acoustic version of your new song or perhaps a conversation between friends. Also, the same REC button is included on other people’s DropBoxes, a cool way to share a personal voice message with others.

After you’ve finished recording, you can preview your sound and either upload it to your account or start over.

In a final step – just like you’re used to – upload some artwork, add a description and more metadata around your sound and decide if you want to publicly or privately share it with your SoundCloud followers and friends across the web.

We’re excited and proud about this new feature and can’t wait to see and hear the many different sounds you’ll create. As always, we’re eager to hear what you think about this update so this time, why not record your feedback as an audio message and post the link to the comments.

Read more on TechCrunch, San Francisco Chronicle.

29 thoughts on “Capture And Share Your Sounds

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  3. Anthony (ManHunt)

    Hey David, i just updated the Soundcloud iPhone app and the RECORD button isnt highlighted / “red” and there is text above it that is incomplete: “Sorry, your McKenna’s iPhone…”. Also, after pressing the Play button on any of my tracks, it’s taking well over a minute for it to start playing the track and only after i’ve moved from the individual track page back to “YOU”, the list of tracks on my account. Is this all due to the new update or is there likely to be something wrong on my end?

  4. David Noël

    Are you on a 3G device? Recording only works on 3GS and 4, we’ll update the messaging in the next update.

    About the player: It starts playback as soon as it has data and if the network or servers are slow, there might be a slight delay. Not related to the You tab.

  5. Simon K.

    The RECORD button rocks but what we casual users really need is the ability to EDIT the track. Simple editing like trimming recordings etc… Is this in the roadmap? Until that i will continue to record sounds in others apps that support trimming and *bleh* upload track to sc later. Maybe via email- is this possible?

  6. Tony Martin

    I didn’t know much about this Soundcloud until recently. This record function is good. Not sure if uploaded sound/tracks would get listened to much when set to public for a new user but, I’ll give it a go soon.

  7. Anonymous

    I’ve installed the app on my iPhone 3G. But when I open it and go to Record it tells me ‘Sorry, your device can’t…’. I’ve successfully logged the app into my Soundcloud account.

    Is there an additional step I’m missing?

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  9. guest

    android app please. cant people release an app for both platforms at the same time, especially as its easier during the dev phase to duplicate code for both sources rather than re-engineer the iphone version….. why does iPhone always take priority. its very annoying.

  10. Yrjänä Rankka

    Any particular reason for not supporting recording on 3G?
    It may not be the best quality, but there’s a number of other apps that can do recording on it, so surely the OS/Hardware do present a limit there.