SoundCloud SoundCloud Local: Oslo

Picture taken by Campanero Rumbero, found on Flickr

Ready for the fifth edition of our community series, SoundCloud Local? Hope so ’cause we’re ready to show you another city! So far, we’ve taken a look at Vancouver, Atlanta, Newcastle, Vienna, and now, we’re dipping into the Norwegian harbor city — Oslo!

FB Finger
Frank Benjamin Finger attended the Oslo Photo Art School before he went on to a film and TV academy to become a director. Now, he’s a freelancer, who creates music during his spare time. The time he has put aside for music is very much appreciated! Find out & have a listen to his musical sound collections below!

Psychic Arm
Here’s Psychic Arm — six guys from Oslo who decided to create a band! The guys are fans of SoundCloud and recently told us that they “like it in the Cloud.” And, we definitely like to hear that! The band even powers their Facebook page with the BandPage app. Check it out and hear their SoundCloud stuff below!

Balananda is an electronic downtempo producer. He also goes by the name Carl-Fredrik Vassel and is the co-founder of DiPT Records. He describes his music as “psychedelic electronic sonic experiences with an organic sound, twisted up with music traditions from around the word, in a unique style of [its] own…”

Unknown Cause
We don’t know much about Unknown Cause but what we do know is that he’s regularly uploading and producing more and more tracks that impress us. A highly recommended track to listen to is: “Jurassic Tales”. This track is relaxing yet motivating — check it out for yourself!

Ivaylo simply makes beats, to be specific: deep house beats. His stuff is all original and he sometimes collaborates with other producers on different house albums. So if you feel like grooving along to some beatz, check out some tracks from his latest EP, Weight – and more – below!

If you’re a user based in Oslo, join the SoundCloud Local Oslo group and submit your tracks! Also, keep an eye on!

And if you’re looking for some more music from Oslo, check out!

Until next week! When we’ll post our sixth SoundCloud Local city! Woohoo!