David Facelift

To end a fantastic year in style, our Product & Design team just gave some of the pages on SoundCloud a nice little facelift. Have a peek below and don’t forget to click-through to the individual pages to see them in detail.

New Tour pages:

With the new tour pages, we’re putting the spotlight onto some of the most popular features, the people (that’s you!) using them and the endless possibilities provided by connecting web, mobile and desktop apps with your SoundCloud account.

You’ll notice the navigation tabs on the top of the page: The Player, The Community, The Web and The Apps so click around to discover more. I’m really excited about how they turned out to be, beautiful.

Below the features in each category, we’ve also selected a few featured apps and users including a short introduction and some nice quotes by our fantastic users.

New Home page:

If haven’t seen it yet – log out from your account and discover our refreshed home page:

What do you think, how do you like it?

  • i love the style of soundcloud and the new features, but pleeeeease:

    bring back the little orange point in front of unheared tracks!!!i think it´s just necessary to overlook the new tracks…the “new tracks”-tab is ok but when there are 50 new tracks in there, i havn´t the time and the itch to click through every track…so i could miss some great new tracks of my friends/followers and there´s no way to check afterwards, which track i´ve allready heard or not!!
    …so i´m beggin you…PLEASE… BRING IT BACK ;))

    anyway, soundcloud is the most outstanding and good-looking site to explore and share new music…thanks 4 that!!!

    best regards

  • Thanks for the nice words, Tomz! The orange dot will be back!