Part IX of the SoundCloud Sessions with Beach Fossils

Part IX of the SoundCloud Sessions with Beach Fossils

While the Brooklyn-based band, Beach Fossils, was touring between Hamburg and Berlin, they stopped in at SoundCloud to play a quick session for a small group of people from the team. Due to the November weather, they played inside on our comfy couch.

Listen to the tracks below and you know the drill — head over to the SoundCloud Sessions blog to watch the live video recordings. Also, be sure to follow Captured Tracks and TheArtOf for more!

SoundCloud Sessions are always recorded in audio and video, and each session is added to the SoundCloud Sessions tumblr. Keep yourself updated on our sessions by following us on Twitter, Tumblr and/or subscribe to this WordPress blog!

Calling all musicians coming to or already living in Berlin! Send us a track via our DropBox below!
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