SoundCloud Local: Melbourne

SoundCloud Local: Melbourne

Picture taken by AdamSelwood, found on Flickr

Our seventh SoundCloud Local city is hopefully experiencing warmer weather than we are right now (and I think they are). Either way, there are some cool artists to check out in the city of — Melbourne, Australia!

Meet fine art student, Phoebe Faulkner, who loves delicate dissonance. She finds inspiration in unusual things and seeks sonic liberation. If you think that sounds nice, she also crafts audible love ammunition! Hear her solo music below and head to her SoundCloud page for more!

Sasha Petrovic is a Melbourne-based psychedelic trance producer, better known as Wavemotion. Before he was Wavemotion, he spent his time studying music and creating it with keyboards! If you’re looking for some music going at full-speed on a trance wave, hear his stuff below!

Red Ink
Red Ink is a straight-up rock band that does straight-up rock shows! Apparently if you head out to one of their shows, you’ll have a filthy but fun time — sounds like it might be a “spazzy” time as well! Check out their spaz-filled, filthy but fun rock music below!

Stamped Sounds
A hip-hop duo formed in Melbourne! Esky (lyricist) came over from Sweden and now collaborates with songstress, Jessilin. The duo is working on a new album that is guaranteed to blow the hair back of people far and wide! You can hear the stuff they’ve come up with so far below!

Thavy Ear
Pop singer-songwriter Thavy Ear is emerging out of Melbourne and sharing her talent in the urban and electronic music scenes. Originally born to Cambodian parents, her music is inspired by acts like, The Carpenters, Andreya Triana, Rose Royce and Lykke Li. Hear her soulful stuff below!

If you’re a user based in Melbourne, please join the SoundCloud Local Melbourne group and submit your tracks — we would love to hear them, really! Also, keep an eye on!

And if you’re looking for some more music from Melbourne, check out!

Where do you think we’re heading right before Christmas?

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