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Yeah, we’ve heard you – you’ve been patiently waiting for this one. It was a challenge for us to keep this a secret for a few months and that makes it even more exciting to be finally announcing the release of the official SoundCloud app for Android.

One quick note before we start: we wanted to release the app in time for the holidays and we’ll continue the development of the app so if you’re comparing the features to the ones available on the iPhone version and missing something, don’t worry, new updates will happen rapidly.

SoundCloud Android:

The official SoundCloud Android app lets you easily access, browse and listen to the sounds shared to you while you’re on the road and away from your computer. The app also includes recording functionality that lets you capture any sound around you and instantly save it in the ‘Cloud.  Stay tuned, plenty more to come too.

Features include:

  • Record: capture and share your sounds on the go, wherever you are
  • Browse, listen to and favorite sounds shared with you exclusively and on your Dashboard
  • Visualize your sounds with the SoundCloud waveform and use it to seek inside a track
  • Find and follow any SoundCloud user within the app
  • Background playback

The next update will include sharing to Facebook & Twitter and also the ability to comment.

To get the app, scan the QR code at the bottom of this post with your Android phone, or open the Android Market Place on your phone, search for “SoundCloud” and download the app for free. Below are some some screenshots of how it looks:

And the QR code for the app:

For the free iPhone version of the app, click here and browse our App Gallery for more mobile, desktop and web apps.

How about that? Let us know in the comments!

Happy Holidays!

  • nice, been looking forward to an android app. thanks. for the next update can I also request “move to sd-card” ability as I don’t have enough phone space on my htc desire to keep this around at the moment.

  • Sweet! And now let’s hear it for Last.FM scrobbling!

  • til

    Direct market link in case you are browsing this with your phone: market://search?q=soundcloud

  • til

    Meh, no auto link here

  • Teemu Lahti

    Anyone else have problems allowing access to your SoundCloud account? When I open the app, it redirects to SoundCloud website to ask for authorization, I login and allow access and after that it redirects back to the app and immediately back to SoundCloud to ask for access again. And loops that forever :(

  • Cris_aloha

    nice i will go get my for android now!! cool!

  • Parker

    We’ve added a QR code, so you should be able to grab the program that way :)

  • Sweet!

  • THANK YOU! It’s awesome — would love more features like in the iPhony app, but I know you guys are on top of it! Keep up the awesome work!

  • JJ


  • Cool! Ready to use, easy to go.
    Anyway, the orange Soundroid looks creepy. It would be better without cloud shape.

  • For those who are on the go and happen to download the app via GPRS (as I did), be sure to connect to wifi for activating the link to your account. It won’t work otherwise.

  • Totally agree.

  • it is winderful indeed.

    But can you please include cache feature?
    that would be SO great.

    For example, in the morning i check what tracks i want to listen from my timelene, app caches it fast wia wi-fi, and i listen new tracks on my way to work!

    in that case app will be just 100% cool

  • Totally not working for me at all.. I’m just getting a blank white screen. Will try it again later on full Wifi and see if it helps.

  • Dj D?S

    keeps force closing on me

  • Thomas

    Yes, finally! Thanks! :D

  • Anonymous

    Fucking AWESOME! best xmas present for years…

    Massive biggup to urbanSTEW, the developer of the open-source soundclouddroid app that has done me such sterling service up until now:


    Only question: where is the github repo? Or would the besuited VC massive not allow it? Weak…

  • til

    Thanks, it’s good to have the QR code here. But it doesn’t help when browsing your blog from an android phone, for that it would be convenient to have a clickable market link.

    I think instead of searching for “soundcloud” if you add the full package name – which I don’t know – you can make a more direct link like this market://search?q=pname:com.soundcloud.dunno

  • thanks! works well on wildfire with froyo!

  • Tranxition

    Enfin je vais pouvoire encore plus tout faire avec mon HTC nice ID ;)

  • Envy

    Am from Australia and can’t download it.
    Searching the market doesn’t come up with the official app… only a couple 3rd party ones, and scanning the QR code registered a link… which didn’t work!