SoundCloud Local: Helsinki

SoundCloud Local: Helsinki

Picture by sashapo, found on Flickr

Right before the holidays, we checked out the wintry city of Helsinki, Finland! Like most of the cities we explore, Helsinki had so many talented SoundCloud users in it that we had a hard time fitting all of them into one post. So feel free to submit your tracks to the Helsinki group if you’re a SoundCloud user and based there. Now, onto the post!

Ghost Monkey
Game developer by day and musician by night/free time, Tuukka Savolainen is a polyfunken, Ghost Monkey! It’s impressive that this guy can find time to make some great music outside of a full-time job. He told us, “For me, SoundCloud is kind of like the Flickr of music.”

Since 1992, two brothers from Helsinki started making music with an Amiga and a computer. They started out playing techno and trance but eventually moved on to minimal experimental tracks. You can hear the music of Vaaristyma (aka Janne Liimatainen and Jarko Hedenius) below!

Them Bird Things
This band has been playing together since 2007 and is mainly comprised of Salla Day, Steve Blodgett and Mike Brassard. Based in Helsinki, the band performs nice folk-rock together. As they grow and explore different horizons, the band continues to post new music to the ‘Cloud!

Shine 2009
Shine 2009 is an avid user of the SoundCloud widget. The duo is made up of Mikko Pykäri and Sami Suova and are signed to a small record label called Expo. You can hear music from their most recent EP, Associates, below and get into the groove!

If you’re interested in what Nordic chamber folk music sounds like, check out Lepistolehti! It’s full of accordions, stand-up bass and emotion. Lepistolehti have been told that they’re from musical heaven and because of that, they want to share their magic with you!

If you’re a user based in Helsinki, please join the SoundCloud Local Helsinki group and submit your tracks — we would love to hear them! Also, keep an eye on!

Looking for some more music from Helsinki? Check out!

Happy Holidays! And catch ya next week before the new year with another SoundCloud Local city!

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