Last week’s SoundClouders of the Day

Last week’s SoundClouders of the Day

Normally we wrap up the SoundClouders of the Day on Fridays, but we decided to give you all a break for Christmas and give it to you Monday instead. Good thing, too, because there’s a lot of great things to listen to from last week’s fabulous five.

Dave Gerard
We kicked it off on Monday with Dave Gerard, a London musician whose tunes made us feel warm and cozy even in the chilly Berlin December.


On Tuesday we checked in with the electronic musician Axoplasma, whose been making music in Stuttgart since his first album dropped in 1997.

“My Hometown” from love&fist hit a little close to home for all of us SoundClouders here, and quickly became our anthem of the holiday season. If you’re still home for the holidays, you might need to pop on the headphones and rock out for a bit to this.

Dynamic Decibel
Dynamic Decibel has two passions: diving and music. The themes of the former are reflected in the latter, giving some great depth to this SoundCloud page.

For our very special Christmas Friday SoundClouder of the Day, we chose the talented UK producer/songwriters Masterbuilders. These tracks had us boogieing around the Christmas tree, and will hopefully have you shaking it into 2011!


To hear tracks from these and our other featured artists, be sure to check out the SoundClouder of the Day group on SoundCloud!

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