David The SoundCloud Desktop App

Please note: Due to resources, maintaining the desktop app became a bit difficult, so it has now been discontinued. We’re currently focusing energy on making the iOS app and web experience as good as they can be. If you enjoyed the playlist feature, the new SoundCloud allows this. If you would like to bring the SoundCloud experience to your desktop, you can try out this app (just keep in mind that we don’t have the proper resources to maintain this app at full speed).

With today’s launch of the Mac App Store, we’re happy to announce a new addition to the suite of native apps: the SoundCloud Desktop app for Mac. The coolest part: it’s currently a featured app in the Mac App Store in the section “What’s Hot” and also high up the list in the music category. The absolute coolest part: it’s free.

We’re bringing the SoundCloud experience to your desktop that allows you to access all the sounds shared exclusively with you to browse, listen to and favorite sounds. Create custom playlists and saved searches to see the sounds you need in an instant and download others for offline playback. And just like all the official SoundCloud apps it also includes record functionality that lets you easily capture and upload any sound whenever you need to share or store something quickly.

So whether you’re a serious sound professional who needs something to manage your daily workflow or just a casual creator who prefers the smooth native experience of OS X, SoundCloud Desktop does just the job.

– Record: capture your sounds right in the app and upload to your SoundCloud account in no time.
– Listen to, favorite and manage your exclusive and incoming tracks in one place.
– Browse and search any sound
– Create playlists and saved searches

Only tracks that have been made available for 3rd party applications will be accessible via SoundCloud Desktop. To change your settings, go to your track settings (pen icon above the waveform) and enable Apps.

Open the Mac App Store on your Mac after the software update that will install a dock icon for accessing the store. Or try this direct link.

As always, let us know what you think in the comments below. And if you like it, give kudos to Robb, brainchild behind the app. Well done!

163 thoughts on “The SoundCloud Desktop App

  1. Casper Hübertz

    Great job on the app – it feels really nice – albeit all I’m missing is the comments on tracks (both timeline and overall). It would be nice if I could make this app my main Soundcloud access.

  2. inket

    Excellent! Thanks!

    One bug though, when you Minimize the window you can’t bring it up by clicking the Soundcloud icon on the dock.

  3. saddet

    without ability to do comments it’s not really useful to me right now since I always like to give people support. but it’s great you guys are on the path with this app, excited to see what happens next!

  4. Steve

    That’s cool!!!
    I’m wondering if you’re going to make a version that could be build for linux (debian,ubuntu,slackware and etc) ?
    Also it’ll be really cool if there could be a version for windows ?

  5. NOUSKpodcast

    Well it’s a fine app to start with, nice to build playlistst in here, but still misses some features.

    Where are the Acts I follow?
    I cannot edit my profile. or see other people’s profile?
    I cannot see followers, groups etc?
    Uploading tracks?

    So it still misses some functionality, but I can imagine to have it on the mac app store right away. Still some work on it, but nice app.


  6. Ian Kynnersley

    Hi – nice work on the app! Do you have any plans to group tracks into Sets as on the site? Without that I find it very difficult to make sense of the list of tracks. I would far prefer to listen through an app but probably won’t make the switch without Sets.

  7. Lars

    This is a standalone app, right? So, is there a direct download link? I’m on 10.6.5 (never upgrade on the day) and to be honest, I have absolutely no interest in the store. So I’d rather install it seperately from the store.

  8. Ultrakorrekt

    Awesome! Now add an upload and track editing options and this will be the perfect desktop app ;-) But GREAT job guys!

  9. C Tek

    Great work guys, love what you have done!

    A lot of people can’t run snow leopard due to them having older apple hardware (PPC), do you have any plans to release a version for leopard (10.5) that doesn’t require the app store? Also do you have any plans to implement comments or messages into the app?

    Great work all around though, it makes listening to your incoming tracks a lot easier!

  10. Haiku Funkplus

    so…how do I get this? and why is the one that I have only for iphone/ipod like all other apps??? WTF

  11. Strikethrough

    Really cool! I hope you add more features to it soon! Like filter searches and maybe the ability to comment from the app!

  12. Ischa Gast

    I really love the app, finally I can find what I want on soundcloud.
    Only one thing that is that sorting on plays doesn’t work like it should. I hope that can be fixed soon :)

  13. BadMelonFarmer

    can you use this App to upload tracks too? if so I can not see how??… I know you can record a track but I am talking about one that i have recorded in say logic.

  14. RE

    I’m not sure… I thought client-os-based-apps times were finally over…
    Maybe a Browser Plugin like EXfm would be a better choice?

  15. David

    yes, please. a simple .dmg would be great, even if non-automatic updates is the trade-off – unless of course you download the latest version from your site. for some the app store might be the right choice, but there a lot of people out there who like to keep their apps and related contents private. speaking figuratively: i like sitting on my own “cloud” where i can make sure nobody comes along i don’t like – i.e. Apple. ;)

  16. David

    yes, please. a simple .dmg would be great, even if non-automatic updates is the trade-off – unless of course you download the latest version from your site. for some the app store might be the right choice, but there a lot of people out there who like to keep their apps and related contents private. speaking figuratively: i like sitting on my own “cloud” where i can make sure nobody comes along i don’t like – i.e. Apple. ;)

  17. saddet

    I’m going to +1 on that. I tried using the app store, accidentally download garage band for $15 and am now trying to get my money back…so I don’t plan on using it again.

  18. Waxrecordingstudio

    looovely app! WHY NO UPLOAD FEATURE? Almost makes the app useless for 50% of my time on the site…

  19. Isaac Dean

    Can you please add information about the track as well? Especially your own tracks; play counts favourites so on… Would really appreciate it.

  20. OXXO

    This is great!! Definitely NEED an external link to download directly the Soundcloud app, because i refuse as well to install that Mac App…

    Cheers Soundcloud for the great job

  21. Sil

    +1 for me too… I don’t want to connect to the App Store, i even can’t connect too the app store! And I just want the Soundcloud app :(

  22. b-claus-d

    Just starting to use the “Soundcloud Desktop App”, so i cant judge yet, but I already have a question:

    WHY does my “online-plays-counter” count +1 when I play MY tracks with MY desktop app? Also: Why does it count +1 if I play MY tracks online?

    Some people might like to fake thousands of plays by clicking their own tracks again and again, but I dont. Some people might love to fool others. I dont want to fool myself nor others. So I´d really appreciate a checkbox where I can deactivate “fake-counting”.

    best greetinx, cheers


  23. Jonathan

    The point of the app store for developers seems to be the DRM, for paid apps. If you are giving your app away for free anyway, yes please why not allow us to install it as an ordinary application?

    Ordinary applications can do automatic updates too, plenty do.

  24. Nosferato

    Awesome!! Much easier (in fact, much likely:) to follow those incoming new tracks! I love this.

  25. Tony Jazzroc Duncan

    Yet another sound system which neither allows one to create sounds, nor really want criticism
    I am sure you’ll do fine without me, so – do fine – and see if I care.

  26. Anonymous

    As the Mac App Store can only be installed on Mac’s version 10.6 and above, would you make the download available by direct download?

  27. Jimmybigness

    yes please provide non crapp store version, some users would prefer not to be tracked by apple on everything we download. If not i suppose we’ll have rely on the torrent sites.

  28. Trix Taime

    I was looking for things like this for long time…Now you came to me and am so glad…..thanks so much for the creator team……am glad….

  29. ows

    i agree, if this was linked here as dmg i’d be installing it now, on the appstore i might think about it later….

  30. Anonymous

    OK. The ‘Incoming’ section is highlighted and i have the spinning ‘wheel’ in the section where i should see content. Should something be happening after about an hour? I don’t see my tracks etc.

  31. DJ Calactick

    You must be joking here , i mean no windows app ……….its like sex, whit youre jeans stil on!!!!!!!

  32. Mrdowntown

    All you Windows request. Leave the developer along and send your comments to Steve Balmer please.

  33. Walter

    I have an apple account and when i tried to download the DESKTOP soundcloud application i was blocked or could not get to download. If this Desktop application is free why do we have to go thru the store to download. Just make it a download directly from the soundcloud web site.

  34. Jeanphilippe Cluzeau

    i thank you for your gift and i with a little delay good an happy NEW YEAR’S DAY,thank you for your marvellous site,

  35. Mark

    Nice to see Mac getting something first Great work mac is the platform for sound and images, jet misses out way to often.

  36. Jof Cox

    Windows please please please?!!

    And in response to ’88 1wdcv’s comment “Why would you use window’s for audio…? get a life and get a mac!” – Maybe not everyone wants to be done up the bum by Steve Jobs!

  37. tachasit

    you can get that info -rightclick on the tracklist column headers and you can add additional columns, like track stats, video link and BPM

  38. myself

    Did you put this app only on the Mac App Store?? Are you kidding me?!?! Put a .dmg link that we can download.

  39. Ammaelis

    Are you serious Soundcloud?? Certainly you are very proud of all mac users, we all know that. But at least you could make a preview of the release date to PC users. Show some respect please.

  40. Michaelcmallon

    This is one of the reasons I use soundcloud, the ability to follow someone and keep up on new music. Why on earth is this not part of the app? no reason to use this app at all without this.

  41. _12345

    Please delete the above comment, I had no idea this site would publish my email address when commenting. Thank you!

  42. Colleen

    I saw this comment on the apple app site: “Hate when an application does this and not tell you that you have to buy a plan to listenFree is only 120min of music u can listen to and then your done.”

    Is this true?? If it is, I’m not going to waste my time and computer space.

  43. Jrwaltb

    Use Adobe Air to port this to windows please. The site is very good but very slow (even in FF4b9 and Chrome 8/9). I think a desktop app would be perfect. You could even use Silverlight4 if you want. Soundcloud is about music not Apple.

  44. Dan B

    Any chance you could add ALL the basic features that are on the website to the app, such as following people, viewing and adding comments etc ?

    If your going to make an app, then make one properly or don’t bother at all.

    And it would also be nice for windows users to be able to use this (somewhat limited) app

  45. Klangphase

    You can download the track / mix / whatever direct from soundcloud, when the owner allowed this. When not .. buy the tracks via beatport / juno / the store you like. ;)

  46. Medea Aedem

    Basically, those with a Soundcloud account, or wanting one, etc., should not have to have the Mac App Store installed whatsoever. I’ve been a mac user for a decade plus, and i’m not going to install this “cr*pStore” just yet. It should not matter. Please make a Universal Binary .img of this app as well as an “.exe” file for dos users. It’s just ridiculous. or i know, i just won’t use it. cheers. no hard feelings.