SoundCloud Local: Tokyo

SoundCloud Local: Tokyo

Photo by Mario, released under a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike license

For our eleventh SoundCloud Local city, we’re taking a peek at a metropolis near Mount Fuji (seen in the photo above), where an abundance of talented SoundCloud users reside. That metropolis is: Tokyo, Japan! Check out five special users we found there.

The Watanabes
Here’s a four-piece indie rock band based in Tokyo for you! They enjoy drinking banana juice and are students of Ikebana. They also recently released their first album, which is called Independent Social Power. The band formed in Japan in 2005 and have been sticking to it ever since in the city of Tokyo.

Step into a world of ambience with Saburo Ubukata. Saburo was born and raised in Tokyo, where he studied composition and electroacoustic music composition. After he finished his studies, he started research in interactive performance work. Have a listen to Scapes below!

ph74em4 has some experimental, alternative work for you to hear. His/her music is interesting and notable. The track “SHELL” contains high voices singing over pounding drums, which really create a unique atmosphere. Check it out for yourself and listen to the rest of ph74em4’s tracks!

Better known as Asuka Tanaka, ageha1980 creates electronic, ambient sounds, which are sometimes accompanied by her soft voice. Besides creating these sounds, she also plays in Tokyo cafes for the locals. Hear her recently uploaded tracks and her older music below!

Himuro Yoshiteru
Previous SoundClouder of the Day, Himuro Yoshiteru, is a solo electronic musician based in Tokyo! His style is described as playful and his tracks are comprised of finely chopped, fast rhythms in combination with jazzy bass, synthesizer lines and 8bit sounds (like video game music).

Looking for some more music from Tokyo? Check out!

Attention all SoundCloud users in Tokyo: please join the SoundCloud Local: Tokyo group and submit your tracks! Also, there’s a chance for you to meet up with one another for Global Meetup Day on February 9th! Show your interest here.

If you aren’t in Tokyo and want to attend/start/organize a SoundCloud meetup in your area for February 9th, check out the post here for more details! Also, take a look at the SoundCloud Local tag to see if your city has been featured yet.

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