Our featured SoundClouders of the Day this week

Our featured SoundClouders of the Day this week

As you head out for the weekend, take a peek and listen to our SoundClouders of the Day, who were featured this week. There’s bound to be something for every mood!

In the mood for some classical guitar? Maybe something more ambient? Or even electronic? Our Monday SoundClouder of the Day may have it all for you. Check it out for yourself below.


Tortilla Pass
Kallie Lampel makes most of these wonderful tracks below with Ableton Live and has only been doing this for three years. Better known as Tortilla Pass, Kallie is ready to impress!


All the way from Legoland, our midweek SoundClouder of the Day is 1undread. This duo creates upbeat, multi-genre music!


Rumour Control
After Ian Dadon stayed in the UK for a bit, he was inspired to create Rumour Control. Rumour Control is also inspired by bands such as Radiohead, Foo Fighters and much more.


Planet king
Finish your work week off with our Friday SoundClouder, Planet King! He has some extra-terrestrial electronic music for you to check out.


Feel free to have a listen to all our SoundClouders of the Day in the official group here!

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