SoundCloud Our featured SoundClouders of the Day this week

As you head out for the weekend, take a peek and listen to our SoundClouders of the Day, who were featured this week. There’s bound to be something for every mood!

In the mood for some classical guitar? Maybe something more ambient? Or even electronic? Our Monday SoundClouder of the Day may have it all for you. Check it out for yourself below.

Tortilla Pass
Kallie Lampel makes most of these wonderful tracks below with Ableton Live and has only been doing this for three years. Better known as Tortilla Pass, Kallie is ready to impress!

All the way from Legoland, our midweek SoundClouder of the Day is 1undread. This duo creates upbeat, multi-genre music!

Rumour Control
After Ian Dadon stayed in the UK for a bit, he was inspired to create Rumour Control. Rumour Control is also inspired by bands such as Radiohead, Foo Fighters and much more.

Planet king
Finish your work week off with our Friday SoundClouder, Planet King! He has some extra-terrestrial electronic music for you to check out.

Feel free to have a listen to all our SoundClouders of the Day in the official group here!

  • Giorgos Tzaxrhstos

    Good/morning I LOVE


    how one one or five artists be soundcloud artist of the day? there is so much good stuff comin out, not cool to just say this is just it. everyones works hard to make an impression on the world via their own sound. praise to all :)

  • some great choice this week. nice work

  • Accou is my pick! Tortilla Pass very good too!

    Great stuff everyone. :-)

  • B-ToP

    You forget me :P

  • nice one !


    Yeah, you forgot good ol’ Dj CUTMAN. Gotta give some love to some super-fun geek music!

  • MiladMaleki
  • Experimental feelings

    I’m here!! ehhehe hugs people!

  • Don’t be sad, we not only pick 5 in total per week so far have selected close 100 SoundClouders :)

  • Beatfabrikant
  • Wundgescheuert

    @ Spammers below, go home!

  • I really like a lot of these tracks. Keep the weekly picks coming Soundcloud!

  • Zoubir
  • Wildduke
  • We will, closing in on a 100 picks!

  • Nickwish-04

    Meh, as long as everyone else is posting theres I may as well post mine too lol.
    Get some beatboxing in your life!

  • dante davinci

    great choices, too many cooks ruin the soup:) keep it small…..respect BOOM

  • Hello:

    I just signed up for this wonderful website. How can my music be considered as one of the artists of the week picks? Thank you for providing such a wonderful service to us up and coming artists.

  • Soundgrenade

    nice one guys.fair play

  • Great track’s here, only the tip of the iceberg, geat artists all over this site :)

  • Mishka1ne

    This is such a great idea. Soundcloud is awesome. Rumour Control is a personal favorite.

  • Modify:Perspective

    Brilliant idea, will definitely make this a weekly thing, hopefully maybe even my tracks will be featured on here at some point ;)

    PS got a new track up, would be nice if i could get some comments on this.

    Thanks for your time guys, take it easy, much love

    Sammy P

  • These are great – the creativity, sound quality, and musicality here are exceptional.

    I love soundcloud, but I do sometimes find it difficult to identify things I might like. The groups are just so disparate and fragmented, so many sub-genres now it gets confusing! I encounter things which are just some guy messing around, along with sophisticated productions by people who have obviously invested a lot of time, effort and talent into their music.

    There doesn’t seem to be a way of finding which tracks have been the most popular, or the most played – maybe I just haven’t discovered it yet…

    I’m also interested in the possibility of collaborating with other musicians remotely, but don’t see how or whether the site supports this.

  • Adiadzwilson
  • pretty nice! full support!

  • What methods are use to determine this? and do u notify the user? ive got 90 tracks of all different kinds of music:)

  • I can definitely dig this, and I agree that there should be more people being selected daily. However, there’s still the fact that there are over 1,000,000 Soundcloud users to consider, with a large number of them who are either fairly unskilled musicians that just started and need feedback, or are more experience users seeking exposure and/or are in need of personal feedback in order to gain more experience. It’s definitely hard to find artists worth mentioning on a website with that many peopole, so five a week is still pretty good.

  • good selection!!

  • o/

  • Adilsonfs78

    please give a hint about my sound thanks to all

  • Haniebrinzs

    When the sound is coming directly in front or back, there is no phase difference, and the sound arrives at the same time in both ears. In a completely empty room,