David Go West! Hello San Francisco.

Hello California, Hello San Francisco!

Yesterday we announced the launch of our West Coast operations in San Francisco! Home of some of the most successful tech companies, we’re happy to be neighbors with all of the people, places and things that make the Bay Area awesome.

To get started, we’ll set up shop at The Summit in the Mission District of San Francisco and to learn more, listen to SoundCloud Co-founder & CEO Alex speak about why we chose San Francisco as our first US home in the audio message below:

Why we’re opening @Soundcloud San Francisco by Alex

Notice Alex coining the term slogging for sound blogging? Neat.

If you’re interested to be amongst the very first people to shape our US team and grow our West Coast presence, make sure to check the details of the following two job openings for San Francisco:

If one of these positions sound like you, get in touch with us, we’re looking forward to hearing from you.

(picture screengrabbed from The Summit’s video)

  • Summit SF–Incredible communal workspace. Can I join??