SoundCloud SoundCloud Local: Singapore

Photo by williamcho, found on Flickr

We’re getting closer to Global Meetup Day and in Singapore, SoundCloud users will be celebrating the Chinese New Year as well as getting together offline to mingle! We’re taking a look at this area filled with a multitude of talented SoundCloud users.

Justin Koh
After Justin Koh is finished watching sci-fi movies, discovering quaint new places to eat, and curating pictures of cats for his Tumblr blog, he’s creating instrumentals and samples! He’s looking to provide these to film scores, collaborations and session work! Check it out.

Here’s something we don’t see everyday, metal on the ‘Cloud! Sridhar is a guitarist, frontman, composer and record producer. He plays in another band called Sage and Melakartha is his experimental, metal project he’s doing on the side right now. There’s no resistance in these tracks!

Now, chill out and relax a bit with Arajua, a duo comprised of Muhd Fazly and Abdul Hakim. They started it up in 2006 and are now working on their first EP called Blueprints. They’re hoping to bring honey to local – and international – ears. Keep an eye on their SoundCloud page for more to come.

Benjamin Lim
A composer, sheng performer, educator and guitarist, Benjamin Lim is a man of many hats. He’s a music school graduate and has much of his work performed by reputable orchestras and used in short films. He loves sharing music to people of all social backgrounds and we want to share his music with you!

Splat! is a producer, sound designer, and engineer who takes pleasure in creating mystical sounds that rapture the senses of the listener. Right now, he is currently working on iOS game soundtracks + SFX, soundsets, presets & loops. Follow him on SoundCloud to get his latest productions.

Want some more music from Singapore? Check out!

And to everyone in Singapore, join the SoundCloud Local: Singapore group and submit your tracks! Also, don’t forget about the big meetup happening there on the 3rd!

If you aren’t in Singapore and want to attend/start/organize a SoundCloud meetup in your area for February 9th, check out the post here for more details! Also, take a look at the SoundCloud Local tag to see if your city has been featured yet.

  • Henry

    Having left Asia, I spent my life going around the world in order 2 learn, absorb, produce and succeed. But now they’re going 2 Asia 2 discover these so called talents. And here I am, still sitting in Paris practicing hard everyday of my life 2 show what I can in solo and realizing how I got it all ‘wrong’, and that ‘lost time’ I can’t make up for, so do I care!!

  • love this sound check it out

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