Fun Friday: Meet David Adams

Fun Friday: Meet David Adams

This Friday, meet David Adams! After finishing his internship, he joined the team officially in the London office at the end of last year.

How are things over in London?

London is good, have some fun projects we are currently working on which is exciting. Can’t say too much for the weather though :(

What are you doing for SoundCloud and what do you like about it?

Currently I am working within the content team assisting with the music relations. So there’s a great scope from talking to a label, to a manager, PR, plugger, festival, magazine, musical instrument company, music school, setting up remix competitions etc. My role is to help these individuals be able to create, collaborate and share their content in the most awesome way with the SoundCloud platform and the community.

How’d you end up at SoundCloud?

I was helping out at an indie label at the time and noticed the position in London on the newsletter, simples! So get checking the jobs board and the newsletter if you want to work at a kickass company!

What’s your favorite kind of music and do you have anything on SoundCloud that you are currently into?

Pretty much like the whole of the UK at the moment — Jamie Woon and James Blake are two artists who seem to be creating a sound for 2011.

Also Everything Everything is one band from the UK I hope everyone gets to hear this year.

Personally I have always come from more of a ‘band’ background so one of my favourite moments at SoundCloud was getting to record a SoundCloud Session with Anthony Green

One/two/three reasons why someone should join SoundCloud?

The SoundCloud Culture is awesome! It’s definitely creative, fun, inspiring and educational. You learn *a lot* from a group of people who are always trying to push forward in what they do while having a great time.

Do you have any fun facts we should know about?

I still really enjoy being involved making music and always being blown away but what my friends are creating. I have my own band project, Bright Spark Destroyer, that you can check out below. I’m actually currently sourcing out some remixes for some new tracks so shoot me a message over the ‘Cloud and I’ll privately send you the stems!

I once half-tweeted out about Hanson by mistake on the SoundCloud twitter instead of my own and didn’t realise, fail :-\ and I have an unhealthy relationship with a love for Arsenal FC. Hoping to be checking in at Wembley very soon to record another great moment like this one.

Thanks, David or should I say, Adams! Feel free to follow him on Twitter and SoundCloud!

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