SoundCloud The Final Countdown to Global Meetup Day — One Week Left!

Global Meetup Day is exactly one week away, and we can’t hide our excitement anymore! It’s happening on February 9th, and we’re taking some time out to show you the incredible events organized by SoundClouders all over the world.

Kicking it off in advance is Singapore’s meetup tomorrow along with Bucharest’s workshop this Saturday. If you live in those areas, check them out and RSVP before it’s too late!

Over here in Berlin, we’re holding the meetup at our headquarters. We’re asking attendees to upload their own samples/field recordings either before or during the meetup! If you prefer to create something longer, the sample group will be your goody bag. That’s right, choose the sample(s) you like the most and create a full track with them! Once that track’s done, upload it to our Meetup Track Shack. We’re hoping that all contestants will use the SoundCloud record button to create these samples and tracks — may the best track AND sample win (prizes will be awarded to the winners)! And, for the SoundCloud users who just want to sit back and enjoy the ride, you’re more than welcome — we have a special spot for you too ;)

Here are some other cool meetups happening on the 9th:

  • In London, Tim Exile will be doing a live jam at the Cargo
  • Studios 301 will be the host in Sydney, where they’ll be bringing a musical weapon of choice each
  • Dublin is having a mad producers’ night in a blue double-decker bus
  • Glasgow’s having an incredible laptop jam
  • Get together and perform in Boston
  • In Montréal, they’ll produce a radio show
  • Producer showcase in Atlanta
  • Vilnius is organizing a workshop
  • Hong Kong is hosting a seminar
  • New York will have a live acoustic session by Emanuel Ayvas

That’s not all, folks! Head over to to see if one is happening near you!

On Global Meetup Day, remember to tag all your tweets with the hashtag: #scmeetup. All tracks uploaded with the word “scmeetup” will be put on our Meetup Map (screenshot seen above), which will be publicly released before the big day. Happy collaborating and meeting!

  • Vilnius! :)

  • Son of Ra

    nothing going on in stockholm?

  • I can’t wait for saturday … it’s gonna be neet !! we’re throwing a pre-party tomorrow night :))) !!!! We will record the sound and hope we have enough space on soundcloud to share it !!!! Go Bucharest, ROMANIA !!!


    nothing in Los Angeles? geeez!! people gotta get on the ball over here!!

  • Navsta Beatbox

    Might Catch me Beatboxing in London:

    check it outta

  • louis g


  • Dj master rob

    Is there any meeting in NYC ?

  • Shipas

    Saint-Petersburg Russia

  • how is it possible there’s nothing happening in San Francisco?

  • Macro Records

    El Paso ?

  • Fort lauderdale or Miami? No soundclouds :( Im dissapointed.

  • Paul Christenson

    Yes. There’s one in Chicago too.

  • Paul Christenson
  • edmonton?

  • Adrian ecks

    Los Angeles….EDM Magazine and are hosting a seminar…email

  • Djcolinmalone

    how about one in launceston, australia?

  • Djkhaoskay69

    No chicago show?

  • Djkhaoskay69

    No chicago show?

  • Shaunywalker

    Bolton, Ontario

  • walter goodin

    good look i will be there!

  • Dubstep321


  • Martinarandles

    err what about Melbourne??

  • Djyetti



  • Eric Salt

    Hello ! Je suis Eric Salt de Wild River. Je suis prêt à accueillir les Soundclouders de Lyon, France pour la journée mondiale le mercredi 9 Février au Switch (13 rue Neuve, Lyon 1er). J’y organise des scènes ouvertes toutes les semaines de 20 à 23 heures donc tous ceux qui voudront jouer seront les bienvenus ;-D Comme je ne suis pas un pro de l’ordi, je cherche un volontaire pour m’aider à promouvoir l’évènement ! Merci les amis ! Au plaisir ! E.

  • Bluegrazz

    Any Kentuckians out there? Set something up here? Lexington, Louisville? cinci?

  • Marie Elliott

    There’s one planned! Check it out:

  • Marie Elliott

    There’s one in Miami on the 11th:

  • Marie Elliott
  • Marie Elliott

    Stockholm has one planned as well!

  • Marie Elliott

    Here’s what’s planned in Melbourne so far:

  • Marie Elliott
  • Marie Elliott

    Chicago has a big one planned too:

  • wooot this is awesone!!
    anything in Japan?

  • marshall white


  • Maiakerchache

    What about Paris ?

  • Tzacko Deejay


  • SkLA

    Anything in Denver, CO…?? :D

  • Ross Munroemusic


  • Djswiggan

    what about australia

  • We need a SC meetup organized in Vegas.. Lots of producers and EDM fans out here, and most I’ve met use SC daily as well.

  • cocoagar


  • Cryptobass


  • Boris Abesit

    When you coming in Perth????

  • Boris Abesit

    Perth Western Australia ?????

  • Chris Joslin

    San Diego?